Our men
Our men

Our men are taken as examples of Germans, Italians, Americans, Turks and Arabs. Our women have long lost their sense of reality and are not dreaming about that at all.

When the Union collapsed and most of the population of our country was on the brink of survival, a crushing blow was dealt to the authority of men.

Our beautiful women, humiliated by the need to catch "arrows" in leggings and save food, turned on "American fight" and dreamed of marrying a foreigner. Yesterday, our husbands and fathers, who were still strong and confident in themselves, suddenly began to bring salaries with Leopard or Champion tracksuits.

The newly born state, like any small child, has not yet become acquainted with the feeling of pity. It trampled, smeared, lowered its men below the plinth.

Women who did not receive a salary for six months could hide behind a shield: “I'm a woman! And you are a man! Do something! " Men were deprived of such an opportunity: not everyone could and not everyone wanted to become merchants or bandits. And they didn't want the best of the best. Anyone who only yesterday, for a reward worthy of the state, promoted science, saved lives on the operating table, carried people out of the fire, served the Fatherland or cast steel, was relegated to losers. At that time, even some admirals vegetated in poverty and could not look their wives in the eyes without shame. It really was.

The meaning of a man's life
The meaning of a man's life

It was then that conversations began to flow in our country about what shit Russian men were. The women would stand behind their mountains at that difficult time for the country, but no: dreaming of a distant prince is much easier and more pleasant than breaking through with a man who is nearby.

More than 20 years have passed since the collapse of the Soviet Union. Russia has risen, we began to live well, but the pouring of slops on our men by our women does not stop. Apparently, it has already become a part of the mentality of Russian women, who enthusiastically pick up the statement of Karl, ProgospAdi, Lagerfeld about the ugliness of Russian men. Allegedly, our dress is not like that, and not family men, and women are not respected, and, in general, the worst of all.

The situation is aggravated by the fact that foreigners, who, due to their low social status or religious convictions, do not have a decent citizen of their country, feed naive Russian women with fairy tales about their unearthly beauty.

I have traveled a lot around the world and here's what I can say: the percentage of beauties and ugly women is the same everywhere. Turks and Egyptians welcome Russian women, because Muslim women do not give them before the wedding. Europeans and Americans - because ours on their territory are powerless, unpretentious and agree to enter into relations on those conditions that self-confident and independent local women in life will not subscribe to.

It jars me when our men are put as an example of the same Italians: look, they say, how stylish all these Mario are, how gallant. Personally, I don't see anything stylish in covering a fidgety ass with white pants or pouring half a can of gel on my head. I also do not see anything gallant in the fact that the nimble Mario, drooling to his knees, shout after you: "Mommy!" and "Ke bella!"

How to communicate and what to do with scum?
How to communicate and what to do with scum?

And in general: you ladies, arguing about the lack of style in Russian men, have you looked in the mirror for a long time? Do you know how to dress with taste? Or maybe you just think you can, huh? Claiming to be masculine gallantry, you yourself are not deprived of good manners, are not you? Something tells me that they are deprived and very much.

With a woman who knows how to behave, even the most terry cattle tries to keep within limits. An ill-bred pig can provoke anyone to rudeness: even an aristocrat who has sucked in impeccable manners with mother's milk.

Ladies, instead of flowing under the slobbering speeches of foreigners that Russian men are unworthy of your unearthly beauty, try to look at yourself and our men in a healthy way.

Our guys are very cool, they are the best in the world. And I say this not on emotions and not for the sake of a catchphrase. I can explain why I think ours are the best of all.

Our men combine two seemingly polar approaches in relation to women.

On the one hand, they are all knights. They are ashamed to be not up to par in our eyes. A man who, having invited a girl to a restaurant, will lay out half his salary for dinner and will not blink an eye, is typical of Russia. A man who asks to split the bill is nonsense here, unlike in Europe.

Our men go out of their way to show us their coolness. If a woman asks them for a loan, 99 out of 100 will not refuse: they are simply embarrassed to do it. Moreover, our men are embarrassed when a woman repays a debt to them.

Men's joys
Men's joys

And look how they behave in gyms. They swing calmly, but as soon as you appear, they immediately run and throw more pancakes on the bar. Americans never do that. The British, the Spaniards, the Italians don't do either. The desire to be a superman for a woman is characteristic of our men. They care how they look in our eyes. They try to be the strongest, the best, the best.

On the other hand, our men do not look at us as second-class people. The position "all women are fools" is inherent in a small percentage of the male population of Russia. And those who express it to the public are more drawn. At home, most of them listen to their wives and do not suffer from chauvinism.

We, Russian women, do not obey our men as Muslim women, we do not live in fear of hearing the word “go away” three times in a row. Our men respect our opinion. Rarely in what family can a man immediately insist on his own, having scored on the desires and plans of his wife.

We, Russian women, settled down very well. On the one hand, our men are trying to "super change" in front of us, on the other hand, they negotiate with us, rather than banging their fists on the table with the words: "Shut up, you fool!"

Ladies, tell me, where else are there men who, being macho supermen, value your opinion and do not use the penis as an argument in conflicts?

How to get bad?
How to get bad?

In the house of a Muslim husband, you will most likely sit as a disenfranchised beast. You will be forced to give up your faith, swallow and endure.

In your German husband's house, you are more likely to do the dishes by plugging the sink. You will be taught to pay for yourself in restaurants and be sensitive to the need to save hot water. Fritz does not hesitate to tell you: “Don't pour water. It is expensive".

And ours will be ashamed and will never force you to give up your faith. And this, I think, is wonderful.

Our men, thank you for being just like that, and no others.

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