Guys or creative class
Guys or creative class

There are gentlemen, there are managers, there are creative young people, there are various goths, clothes and other "hippos", in short, whoever is there in the long-suffering, but there are no men.

More and more often I noticed earlier that such a gender as men in the country has almost disappeared. There are gentlemen, there are managers, there are creative young people, there are various goths, clothes and other "hippos", in short, whoever is there in the long-suffering, but there are no men. As a species, as a fact, they became extinct. The concept of a peasant has generally been wildly perverted to itself. For most internet hamsters, a man is a village drinking cattle.

Then one friend said to me: "Well, why did the men go?" Issued: "The men are plowing in the field!" I logically asked: "Who are you then?" He thought about it and finished me off: "The economic elite, the new support of Russia." A dude by education, an economist is simply, a business of some kind. "Fucking Russia" - shook his head. "Why?" - he asked. “Well, how can I tell you, if the support of Russia by the age of 33 has not learned how to solve elementary logarithmic equations, but mat. analysis since the institute is not a subject for her, but the amount of a bribe, then we are definitely fucked up."

But it's not even about knowledge, it's about skill, it's one thing, as they say, to have a dick, and another thing to be able to use it. The total curvature of the new creative class and the new support of Russia sometimes kills. And now the time has come when the creative class is no longer needed, why don't you be creative if the country is a mess, like in a women's bathhouse? And this is not the notorious 98th, as many write, everything was completely different there, if someone does not remember.

What happens if you stop being good and become a selfish bad guy?
What happens if you stop being good and become a selfish bad guy?

Now everything will be "more fun" and the recession will last not a year or two, until the remnants of the men stop drinking, turn on their heads and start restarting the country's dead heart. But if a drunk man sleeps, he’s never a fool … We sit with a friend, over a cup of tea, it has become a little expensive to drink. I get up and go to the toilet, and there, dear mother, from the ceiling of the rack, the water is fucking like a waterfall, I go to the kitchen, my friend is blown up, we run upstairs to the neighbor, we call, the dude opens with a frightened look:

- Yes, what?

- What-oh-oh-oh? - yells a friend - Shut the water, you idiot!

- I can't, I'm waiting for the plumber - he shrugs.

The crap is that with the advent of the crisis, the bosses in the housing offices and DEZs have totally reduced the number of plumbers. Since budgets have been cut dramatically. For example, in our housing office, out of 5 plumbers, no more than two are left.

- So, cut off the water! I say

- I can't, I say, I'm waiting for the plumber - we won't disturb the Chukhan

- Allow me? - asks a friend to pass

The neighbor lets us in. We go to the toilet, the fool's eyeliner to the toilet has been torn off. We stand and search the porcelain temple with our eyes in search of a secret door with stoics. We find a friend climbs and closes the valves, the water stops flowing.

- Was it difficult to do it? - he asks a neighbor

- Do what?

- Blocking the riser, damn it!

- Oh, I didn’t know that you can turn something there - the udot shrugs.

- Well done, got to be repaired - the friend smiled

- And I have no money, I was fired yesterday - the neighbor is embarrassed

- How did you work? - I ask

- Creative director - says proudly, future drunkard bum

- How hard it will be for you - I patted him on the shoulder - Come on - I said to my friend, mentally singing the song to the poor fellow.

Unprincipled person
Unprincipled person

Over the years of super profits, a whole completely useless stratum has grown, which is absolutely not prepared for life in Russian realities. The country is arranged in such a way that today you are a director, and tomorrow you are an unemployed bum and you need to be able to maneuver between these blows of fate at the speed of sound.

My late father always taught one thing: “You must be able to do everything! Well, or at least have a rough idea of how what is being done so that you can quickly learn. "In a country where there are no roads, pipes, heating, electricity, where there is no shit, no managers are needed, men are needed here, unfortunately, many have not yet understood this and are bending a line that there will still be BUDE, no dick will be gone. Well, maybe it's better, there will be fewer of these shitty creative people in the credit dumps.

A Russian peasant, this is not a village drunk, until a certain time in the villages they did not drink at all, who does not know, because if he thumps, it will not be stupid to eat a dick, to feed himself it was necessary to get up at 5 in the morning and not unbend until late in the evening.

The man knew agronomy very well, he knew carpentry, carpentry, he was versed in hunting, fishing, he owned weapons, so ours fought with such ease, there is no need to train too much, you must admit that in order to survive in conditions where there is no fucking thing, you need to know a little more than fuck. And in our country, in fact, there never was a fucking thing, among ordinary people.

Everyone dies, but not everyone lives for real
Everyone dies, but not everyone lives for real

There was an old Soviet film where a guy from the village comes to study in Moscow. And here his friends are sitting, discussing him, and one asks: “How and on what does he live? They don’t send money from the village, the scholarship is small. How?" The second answers: "He is a man."

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