Why do couples fight all the time
Why do couples fight all the time

In any relationship, there are quarrels, resentments, claims, nagging and even scandals. How to learn to avoid conflicts, quarrel correctly, get angry less and start living in peace?

Your family is mired in quarrels and claims. Endless mutual grievances and nagging do not give an opportunity to live in peace. You need to stop and think about what you can do to stop getting angry and start living in peace.

1. The first thing to decide is whether you want to move on together or if you should separate.

2. We decided to live together, but if you want peace of mind, you need to develop a strategy of reconciliation. Forgive each other for all the mistakes and discontent and agree not to remember this anymore.

3. Understand that both are to blame for the quarrels, and you need to look for a way out of this situation together and preferably in the form of a dialogue.

4. Before the conversation, each write a list of their claims, starting with the phrase "I want to" and list what does not suit you in the behavior of your half.

5. During the conversation, take turns speaking, calmly, without interrupting each other. Do not repeat reproaches, but say what you want.

6. After you tell all the complaints, each voice what you can do to solve all the problems that have arisen. It is imperative to make concessions and agree to do something together or share some responsibilities.

My girlfriend is a feminist
My girlfriend is a feminist

7. Decide that you will only speak well of each other to your friends and to yourself. Notice good deeds and say it out loud to your husband or wife.

8. Make a tradition of kissing when you meet and say goodbye, regardless of whether you quarreled or not. Give flowers once a week and cook a dinner together. It may be difficult at first, but over time, you will see the real fruits of your respect for each other.

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