Work and women according to the mafia
Work and women according to the mafia

Men and women behave differently at work. Four declarative stereotypes and eleven cornerstones of a female character, according to the Sicilian mafia.

Men are superior to women in intelligence.

Men are more emotionally stable.

Men value success more than women.

Men are more positively aggressive than women, or at least more positive.

Of these four declarative stereotypes, none is an absolute Truth or Revelation, but definitely a part of them, as well as statements that deny these axioms.

Most women, however, have one or more of the eleven characteristics of their gender. You have to keep them in mind when hiring women or having them on your staff. Eleven cornerstones of a woman's character:

1. Women don't know how to say please.

2. They don't know how to say “thank you”.

3. They sacredly and naively believe that all troubles happen to them through no fault of their own, but all happy accidents happen without fail because of their exclusivity.

4. They have selective hearing and tunnel vision - that is, they only hear what they want to hear and see what they want to see.

5. They know that their views on life are the only correct and undeniable.

6. If you disagree with them, they automatically recognize themselves as the injured party.

7. In any discussion, if they disagree with your opinion, they a priori will distort your point of view, distort, hide, manipulate and substitute facts, and - as a standard proven means to achieve their goals - lie. Worst of all, they themselves believe in their lies.

8. When and if they tell you "trust me" or "no problem" - never trust and legion problems.

9. The main and, often, the only theme of their dialogues, their main interest in life is themselves.

10. These creatures are blinded, spiritualized and live, inspired by throwing dust in their eyes, show-off, tinsel and intrigue and (if they are under forty) do not know anything about what happened in the world before the day before yesterday - they live on the pages of glamorous magazines.

11. They are erratic, changeable, insidious, lazy and fickle, which stands for the inability to act positively, rationally, logically and consistently, and commit infinitely stupid acts in strange and, most often, the most inappropriate moments.

Clarity of thinking. How to restore clarity of mind?
Clarity of thinking. How to restore clarity of mind?

They're not bitches, they just are. These traits define the nature of most women and it is in the absence of these basic qualities that you should look for exceptions to the rule. Only hire and promote these exceptions. But remember - if you find men in your team with at least three of these features - remove them first, harshly, cruelly and recklessly.

Work and women according to the mafia
Work and women according to the mafia

Treat my advice with due respect, but remember that as a manager who lifts people up and brings them down to sinful earth, you must always think about the balance between independence and positive aggressiveness versus mournful humility and submissive loyalty to the sycophant, the balance between self-confidence and self-esteem., the balance between emotional control and sound judgment. Before deleting women from Your Cause (thank God, they do not exist in Our Cause), remember about Queen Elizabeth I, Catherine the Great and the lady dragons who commanded the pirate fleets in China. Whenever you are forced to hire a woman or promote her up, remember them and look for their modern counterparts. Moreover, since female stereotypes still exist and bright (as personalities) women are more likely to choose aggressive role models than men, they can be more productive and capable employees.

These women can be more ambitious and, at the same time, more loyal than men. It is a well-known fact that almost all female managers have male bias against their own gender. Any woman who has achieved success wants to believe that she is the very exception that only confirms the rule. Such women are less insidious in the internal intrigues of the team than men, but remember that Sicilian cunning and cunning of the weaker sex are completely polar things. Sicilians are insidious for the cause, women are on their own, because of their nature. Although sometimes simple stupidity is hidden behind insidiousness.

How to let go of the situation, not to think and not worry?
How to let go of the situation, not to think and not worry?

All things being equal, choose women over men for lower levels or starting positions. They will not only work harder and more responsibly, you can benefit from paying for their services. The stake in the game is high - women are satisfied with 25 or 50 percent less than men.

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