Brain training
Brain training

How to be smart, witty and highly intelligent? We are all used to watching the body and pumping muscles, but what about the brain? Several exercises to keep your mental capacity at a high level.

It is necessary to train not only muscles, but also the brain. Anyone can choose a set of exercises to maintain the tone of their mental abilities.

Memory is very important for doing any kind of mental work, including reasoning and calculating. There are several types of memory, all of which need to be trained. Listening to music is not just fun, as memorizing the words of songs increases the level of acetylcholine, which plays a critical role in maintaining brain function.

Even a slight complication of the usual tasks, for example, showering or dressing in complete darkness, combing hair with a non-working hand, stimulates different parts of the brain and turns on new connections between them.

Attention allows a person to concentrate on work despite noise and other distractions. Improving attention is simple - you just need to slightly change the usual things, for example, differently arrange objects on the desktop. As a person gets older, he becomes less able to concentrate, more easily distracted from work, and less efficiently performs several tasks at the same time. In this case, you can stop the decline in brain activity, for example, by listening to the radio while jogging or doing mental calculations while driving a car.

The modern generation of dependent
The modern generation of dependent

Speech development affects our ability to recognize, remember and understand words. Fluency of speech, correct use of vocabulary, knowledge of grammar are indicators of harmonious mental development. In order to expand your vocabulary, you need regular practice, which consists in memorizing new words and repeating already known ones. To this end, you can try, for example, to start reading articles about business if you have only looked at the sports column before.

Orientation in space. To move in space, a person needs the ability to analyze visual information. To improve spatial orientation, you can perform a simple exercise: select five objects located in the same room and remember their exact location. After two hours, try again to remember what these things are and where they are located. These types of tasks not only improve memory, but also teach the brain to focus on the environment.

A person, without noticing it, uses logic and reasoning every day. Even a computer game requires the development of a certain strategy, because in order to achieve a positive result, it is necessary to take certain steps, conceived by the game developers. It is also useful to solve logic puzzles.

Neurobics exercises

Neurobics is a unique set of exercises for the brain that uses all the senses in an unusual way. Such gymnastics is aimed at stimulating the brain, strengthening, maintaining and improving cell growth.

The creator of neuroscience, professor of neuroscience at Duke University Lawrence Katz, argued that it can be done anytime, anywhere, because the exercises are simple, fun and original. Their benefits are enormous: as a result, rarely and completely unused nerve pathways and nodes begin to work, which increases brain activity and improves mental abilities.

How to prepare for adulthood? The hard lessons of growing up
How to prepare for adulthood? The hard lessons of growing up

- After waking up in the morning and getting dressed, wash with your eyes closed. Or vice versa - at breakfast, try to communicate with your family without using speech.

- Change the usual order. To increase brain activity, it is very useful from time to time to change the usual route to work, hold the cutlery with your non-working hand, buy food in the wrong place, listen to music, smell flowers, put your palms in raindrops, watch the clouds or sculpt something out of clay …

- Traveling is also beneficial to stimulate the brain. It was the nomadic way of life that allowed the ancient people to make a huge leap in the development of tools and skills. This factor also influenced their diet: it was quite varied, which also activates mental abilities.

A cognitive psychologist from the UK found that older people playing the lottery retained good memory and hand-eye coordination for long periods of time. Even this little exercise will help people of all ages improve their attention and concentration.

- Solve puzzles, logic puzzles, do memory exercises. These are crosswords, chess, solitaire games. Neurobics classes are more like funny games. This improves the work of not only brain cells, but also improves mood, creates a positive attitude. All neurobics exercises evoke new associations in our brain, allow us to look at the world around us in a different way.

- Compare yourself to the child. He's active. He is always in a state of perception and study of the objects around him. We, on the other hand, sometimes do not notice the color of a neighbor's new car or the cost of purchased products. So it turns out that the brain of an adult is less active than that of a child.

How to make the right decision in choosing
How to make the right decision in choosing

Gymnastics for the brain stimulates the reproduction of dendrites in the human brain, increases the production of neutropin, and restores neurons.

- Perform simple actions with your eyes closed.

- Buy a new product at the store, or order a new dish at the restaurant.

- Chat with new and unfamiliar people. If you are traveling, then absorb all the information that you see and hear like a sponge. Try to see as many attractions as possible. Learn a few words in the local language.

- Look for new routes. If you are walking to work, look for new routes.

- Take an interest in things that you have never been interested in before. Read a couple of specific magazines with a narrow focus. For example, dedicated to dogs and porridges.

- Watch TV without sound, while speaking out loud the dialogue you see.

- Breathe new scents. In the most inappropriate places, breathe deeply through your nose, drawing in the new scent.

- If you are right-handed, try to do something with your left hand (for a left-handed person - the opposite situation).

- Answer the most common questions outside the box. Let the other person be surprised, but the awkwardness can be smoothed out with a smile.

- Change your wardrobe. Does it have black and gray tones? Buy clothes that are bright and stylish, they will have a positive effect on your way of thinking.

- Learn to distinguish the value of money with your fingers. Learn sign language. This will help develop the senses.

- Make up jokes and jokes. This will make your brain work.

Life Tips
Life Tips

- Make your vacation varied. Stop lying on the couch all weekend! Sit on the floor.

Mind games

Games have been proven to be good for the mind: they work the prefrontal cortex of the brain, which is responsible for higher cognitive functions such as self-awareness, memory, imagination, the need for reward and approval. The brain is well trained by playing bridge, checkers, sudoku, role-playing games, solving crossword puzzles.

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