Why are so many men still lonely?
Why are so many men still lonely?

Why are many successful and promising men in their 30s still single? Let's pay attention to simple things that somehow slip out of the male field of vision.

You sit at home at the computer. Evening, okay, TV series or movie. Or you play tanks.

Or poking around in the garage. Cars, oil, wires - beauty. Such work is a pleasure for men.

Or drinking beer with friends. You light cigarette after cigarette, talk about acute social topics, chatter about the premiere of Interstellar and the new train to the Minsk airport.

And it seems that fate has disposed itself quite well with you: you are a rugged guy with brains, with a high-quality hanging tongue, with one, or maybe a couple of upper formations, with development prospects at work. Maybe even with a car and an apartment. The beauty! Live - I don't want to.

But somewhere on a subconscious level, you understand that everything is not as rosy as you would like. Because you are alone.

And why are you alone, I'll tell you now. I'm sorry my friend. It will be insulting in places. But how else to explain to you, if not in the form of a kick under your male, adult ass?


Tell me, when was the last time you were in a rocking chair? Most of the girls are delicate and will simply merge on the sly - they want to see Apollo next to them, let's be honest. You are already under thirty or so, and the only "volume" that grows on your body is your beer belly.

What is the best way to communicate with a girl? Pragmatism in relationships
What is the best way to communicate with a girl? Pragmatism in relationships

A person who does not show respect for himself and lives in an ugly body does not seem worthy of respect from others. Okay, you have an objection, I understand. But then again - it's just laziness that says inside.

Don't you want to be beautiful yourself? Don't you want to be attractive yourself?

The rocking chair will add to your self-confidence. Under the condition of not skidding, of course. However, any sport will perform the same function. In a healthy body healthy mind. But what is there to grovel …


Tell me, when was the last time you went to the store not just for pants and a T-shirt, another set of this gray-blue-black expressionless clothes, but to buy something that will make you feel attractive? Cool? Interesting?

Yeah, I know you have a Superman jersey and about a hundred identical black tales from music festivals. Trust me, honey, it's good for one time, well, for two. At Comic Con and at that same music festival. Then forget it. Forget it like a bad dream. Finally start dressing normally: buy a pair of shirts and bright blue jeans. No need to mimic a hipster, you can be yourself in any clothes. Just stop feeling like a tough metal guy, a mama programmer in a sweater, or a character from The Big Bang Theory. Enough already, well, seriously, eh?

Your girl's spare men
Your girl's spare men

And buy yourself some eau de toilette, after all. It won't diminish the brutality, I promise.


When was the last time you tried to change scenery? When did you go to the theater? And at the opera? When did you prefer a company of friends on a bench in the yard to meet an old friend and her friends? You need to stop walking the path of least resistance. Just figure it out in your head with all your might - for sure you remember someone you liked. So maybe it's time to take the bull by the horns? Stop being scared.

If you have self-confidence and a set goal, everything will be immediately achieved. In the meantime, I'm just the worst of all psychologists, and instead of pulling doubts and fears out of you, I'll just say: go ahead, man! Take care of yourself already, how long can you play the fool?!?

- finally hand over to the right. The bus is NOT cool.

- move out from your parents. This is ridiculous. Make up your mind!

- to be economic, neat and be able to cook - awesome for a man! Start to develop these qualities in yourself "in reserve". How will you surprise her later!

- Are you sure that a beard suits you? that's right, sure, sure?

- and hands. Well, what, what do you have under your nails all the time?

- change you glasses for contact lenses. Stop playing nerd.

- do you give the girl your hand when she gets out of the car / transport? Opening the door for her? How long can you teach you to be a gentleman?

- Are you seriously hoping to find a fairy in the pub? And, well, yes, there are companies of ladies there. So why are you afraid to come up?

- Have you tried to meet on the street? There was a glance! Why are you afraid?

- show already the initiative !!!

How to tie a girl to yourself? How to make a girl fall in love?
How to tie a girl to yourself? How to make a girl fall in love?

I can go on for a very long time. And I would not want to …

Attacks against women are not accepted in this post. We have our mistakes, our disadvantages and problems, but let's be honest: YOU need to start getting better, too. Think about yourself, be selfish. Just don’t feel sorry for yourself.

And let tomorrow be Sunday.

Finally, start this life all over again, I'm tired of listening to your whining.

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