10 important truths for those looking for life
10 important truths for those looking for life

Almost everyone was tired of the old life and wanted to start all over again. But we lacked determination, desire, courage and luck. How to change the situation and start life over again?

We, tired generations, children of this tired world, most of all wish for a new, fresh start for everything. A cool dawn in which being will again be authentic, artless and uncomplicated. We want a new world that would finally free itself from the old torments of the past.

If you ever have a day when there is a feeling that the sky is crumbling and everything is breaking, and you cannot find a place for yourself anywhere, if the lie pulls you into its crazy embrace, know that everything that happens has a deep and real reason.

It will teach you to swim bolder, act wiser and be prepared for the fact that anything can happen to anyone, anytime. It will make you stronger. But just do not lose your truthfulness and fight to the end.

1. Do not strive to become someone else

Do not strive to become someone else, just be yourself. Cleanse yourself of all unnecessary things, as all unnecessary things only hurt you and do not allow you to breathe, eats up your vitality and does not allow your true self to blossom. And when most of the artificial additives to life are discarded, you will feel the true charm that every moment of life holds in itself.

How to get life experience?
How to get life experience?

It can only be compared to a rush of fresh, cool breeze, electrified and as ethereal as after a severe thunderstorm. At that moment, a vanilla-colored sky will open above you, and you will feel that you have come into this world as a person with an open heart, a sincere soul and a spark in his eyes. At that moment, your true values, real moments, true supports of life, beliefs and clues will crystallize - the pure essence of your life and a guiding thread along which you always have to follow and which cannot be lost.

2. In no case do not stop and do not linger at the crossroads

After all, you are you, and no one else will help you. It depends only on yourself with what conscience you will live on.

3. Know that everyday storms cleanse and make you strong

You are lucky that life has chosen you to teach this lesson, which you can accept and make it part of your being or reject. Of course, it's not easy to accept. But remember that everything on this planet is temporary and transient. I, you, our labor and its fruits, and even this planet EARTH - in time everything will disappear. And therefore, the most important thing is to preserve humanity and tolerance, not to forget who you are, why and why you live.

4. Enjoy this moment, but do not give in to the flow. Don't live your life by following any instruction

Live a life without regrets
Live a life without regrets

Hold on to the moments that make you stronger and wiser than the wisest book in the world. Gather friends around you who are actually true friends, who are with you when you need it most. I wish everyone had true friends. And be sure to go your own way - the one that you think is right. Don't listen if someone says that this is a mistake or that this path is not for you. Be sure to experience something that you have never experienced in your life, get involved in some business that you want to experience for the first time. Enjoy this wonderful feeling, revive your emotions and remember that you are a living being, with your world and your moments. Enjoy it.

5. Never mess with tricky people who are trying to take advantage of you. Never stoop to their level, do not become like them. Don't let it happen

Never waste your life energy on people who do not deserve it or are not worth it, who even "thank you" do not know how to say and take your self-sacrifice for granted. Our world is not a monologue, but a dialogue-like interaction between people. Never let yourself be humiliated. Never let someone tell you that something cannot be done, since everything is completely possible. The whole secret is perseverance and determination. Take care of the vital energy that is released to you, for there is only as much of it as there is.

How can you change for the better? You will change a lot in the next 10 years
How can you change for the better? You will change a lot in the next 10 years

6. Spend your time with family and loved ones

Spend time with those whom you really love and are not prejudiced, with whom you want to grow old and enjoy beautifully together. Give your energy to those in synergy with whom nothing scares you, since you will always stand behind each other as a wall, will always complement each other and always mutually believe in new horizons. Spend your time on this earth with the people who make your life great and wonderful.

7. It makes no sense to waste your time and energy on some goal, if you do not do it from the heart and with perseverance

What is more cowardly than living with a goal that you yourself truly don’t believe? If a person has sad eyes, he has experienced something and is worn out, he has something to think about, but only on his own conscience will remain how much and what he is ready to change, and it depends only on himself how far he is ready to go and what able to sacrifice. After all, the world is not only around us - it is also in us.

The most important values should be sought precisely in small words that synergistically interact with the world's breath. And to whom is a person capable of being sincere, who is unable to be sincere even with himself? It is those small words that do not easily give in that are able to fill immense spaces and make you and the sensations around you self-sufficient. Every person has the ability to change - this is the most difficult thing in the world, but nothing is impossible. Even for YOU.

Why Planning?
Why Planning?

8. Do what was your dream. Be Bold - Defeat Yourself

Stop looking for excuses, don't waste time and energy on it. It is better to devote this time and energy to something truly beautiful: this moment, the sky, the sea, sensations, another person. Use every opportunity to be with someone, for there is exactly as much time as there is.

9. Become Your Best Friend

If you don't like yourself, you won't be liked by others either. Learn to resist humiliation. Do not be sprayed with everyday trifles. And be sure to experience something new and unprecedented.

10. Remember that all life is a wonderful experience

There is no such thing that would not be wonderful, and it already depends on yourself - whether you are able to see the beautiful in the ordinary. In fact, the miraculous lives in our mind, since our mind is what makes the world colorful. To live, you must develop a wonderful mind. Wonderful ideas become even more beautiful when they find their real embodiment in life and become alive.

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