Mafia quotes
Mafia quotes

Luck is always on the side of the strong, proactive and courageous. Interesting and useful quotes from the mafia that every member of the criminal community should follow. Each situation has two handles. Any double-edged sword. Every coin has two sides.

To finish faster, take your time.

If your only tool is a hammer, imagine all problems are nails.

Treaties exist to be broken.

Never leave unpaid debts. You or you.

The time always comes to pay the bills.

Most people never listen to anything - except for threats or promises.

By compromising, you lose. By portraying a compromise, you are taking a step towards victory.

Difficulties show what people are capable of.

Preparation is the mother of success, audacity is its father.

The wife of a carefree man is almost a widow.

Wine and girls empty wallets

All sins grow old, greed remains youthful.

If you are an anvil, wait; if you are a hammer - hit.

If your affairs are prosperous, everyone will be your friends; only when they are destroyed will you find true friends.

Failures first come in pairs, and then in formation.

Never expect logic and reason to determine human relationships.

Fortune will smile, then betray.

The wrong choice always seems to be more reasonable.

When everything around is hopeless, the situation can only change for the better.

Luck is on the side of the strong.

If you have the keys to the door, let the enemy get out.

Stay true to yourself, but betray the rest of the traitors
Stay true to yourself, but betray the rest of the traitors

If you want peace, prepare for war.

Don't make enemies unnecessarily.

Do not teach your soldiers all the tricks, you will become your own victim.

It is better if your enemies overestimate your stupidity rather than your discernment.

Find a warm place in a cold house.

To deceive the enemy, show that you are afraid of him.

Sometimes the wisest thing is to pretend to be an idiot.

Work the sucker, but then calm him down.

For every prancing idiot, you can easily find an eccentric woman.

Lice in a plate of cabbage is better than no meat.

The future is paid for in the present.

After the end of the war, many heroes appear.

Failure always comes through a door that has been left ajar.

When emotions and feelings are involved, do not rely on logic and common sense.

After winning, sharpen the knife.

If you haven't been outside. You may not know her.

You can't buy luck, but you can borrow it.

If others fold and fold when you have a good deal, your cards are visible.

Hit first, hit last.

Any crisis is worse than ideas about it.

If you don't have a lion on your harness, leave the sleeping dogs alone.

Nobody dies twice.

Victories are temporary, so are defeats.

All the best theories in practice end badly.

It is unfortunate for a family where the hen rejoices, and the rooster remains equanimous.

Silence makes no mistakes.

Let the enemy speak. When he's finished, let him continue.

Men's fears, problems and complexes
Men's fears, problems and complexes

People can be bought with different coins.

Treat strangers as friends, trust them as strangers.

Quiet waters hide sharks.

There is no concept of "cheap politician".

What is goose sauce is just goose gravy.

Living under someone else's will is suffering for some, a necessity for a few, happiness for the majority. Take action.

When the wine is drunk, throw away the bottle.

Anger is the wind that blows out the candle of consciousness.

Sufficiency is not wealth, just sufficiency.

In the sea, all people are brothers, but brothers with a lifebuoy do not want to share it.

Only a fool turns around, reaching the goal.

The taunting bear provokes the bear.

Never cook in someone else's kitchen.

Most disagreements can be resolved in bed.

Do not bind dogs with pig guts.

Fear is often hidden by insolence.

Don't rely on fame in the morning and your mother-in-law's smile in the evening.

The enemy is dangerous when he seems defeated.

Beat your wife on your wedding day and your family life will be debt and happy.

Cheat the rich, but don't insult them.

When you hunt, let the beast come to you.

Any fool can rest in peace.

An eagle in old age, like an eagle in youth, is full of danger.

… And the man's cradle is in his grave.

Whatever you start, that's enough.


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