Inner rod
Inner rod

Once you get the inner core, you don't need the motivation or approval of others. Become the master of your life, you have time for great things.

When you find support within, the purpose of your life, your purpose, which really moves you - that's when the need for stimulants, motivation from the outside and the approval of others disappear.

When you find the basis, you begin to belong to yourself, you become the master of yourself.

The master of his life and his environment.

Now you are standing up to your waist in an endless, enormous stream of energy and you can draw it again and again, with both palms, feel how life spills through your veins, how your consciousness clears up.

You know where you came from and where you are going, who is allowed to be around, and who is just a temporary companion, devouring your time of life.

For you, religion, accidents, excuses and self-justification cease to exist. From now on, you are responsible for yourself and your loved ones. ALWAYS. You are responsible for everything.

You will no longer be able to go with the flow, you in general, most likely, will not be able to live without a struggle. You will be in the stream.

Any reasons will disappear and the most sophisticated possibilities for achieving the goal will be found. Priorities are automatically assigned.

And it will no longer be possible to run after approvals, attention, glory, pathos and outer gloss as before, or to die of unrequited love: there is simply no time for this.

You are a very good guy
You are a very good guy

You are the focus of life.

Time will remain only for Great Accomplishments.

The realization comes that there may simply not be enough of the remaining life to carry out the plan, before you are devoured by worms in the cold, damp earth.

Every day you will turn on the life counter. Every day is another step towards nowhere, where nothing will depend on you.

One way or another, we will all die, some from illness, some from old age, some from a random event or a bad person, but until this happens, it is still better if we become happy and whole, living in accordance with our credo.

Search. Move. Everything will work out.

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