Do with us, do as we do, do better than us
Do with us, do as we do, do better than us

What does a person need to start doing so that positive changes for the better begin around? Start with yourself. Do with us, do as we do, do better than us.

I don't throw trash. Nowhere and never. On streets, avenues, lanes and driveways, in yards, on asphalt, lawns, dirt and gravel roads, paths in parks and in parks in general, in snow, mud and puddles, on staircases, stairs, in the vicinity of a garbage chute, in carriages, crossings and at metro stations, in a bus, trolleybus, tram and fixed-route taxis, in the forest, in the field, on reservoirs and in swamps. Seriously. Not a cigarette butt, not a piece of paper, not a bag, not a thing.

How exactly should I start with myself so that the world around me will cease to be knee-deep shit?

In all my adult life, I have not stolen a penny. I even return extra money in stores if I understand that the seller cheated himself - after a hard day's work, they sometimes have such things. I didn’t steal pens at work or spoons in cafes. I confess, I read one book, I still cannot return it: all contacts with its owner have been lost.

What do I need to change in myself in order to stop feeling my wallet nervously in public transport, because I have already lost this valuable item three times?

How people become happy
How people become happy

I got my license late, my driving experience is not long, but in the few years that I spent behind the wheel, I have never parked where it is forbidden to do so, including places for disabled people. Send a special car with a camera after me - for a year she will not find a single reason to accuse me of incorrect parking.

What changes do I need to make to my driving style so that on the streets of the city they stop parking second next to the emergency gang?

What should a simple programmer stop doing to stop stealing billions from the country's budget? What should a quiet, non-conflict person do to stop being rude in transport? Where is that magical modus operandi that must be adhered to in order to stop triumphant ignorance and obscurantism?

Start with yourself, you say? I started with myself. And, alas, I don't see any changes around. What am I doing wrong?

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