Non-obvious facts about sexuality
Non-obvious facts about sexuality

Sexuality is the totality of a person's biological, mental, and emotional responses to sexual relationships. Some interesting but subtle facts about sexuality.

In almost everyone's life, sex is as important as work. Scientists are exploring the issues of sexuality and sexuality no less actively than other areas of physiology and healthy lifestyles.

Below are 23 non-obvious facts about sexuality that will help explain something about what is “wrong” with us in intimate life.

1. People who smell good are automatically perceived by us as more attractive in appearance.

2. Men experience the emotional severity of separation from a loved one more difficult than women.

3. Research shows that men and women cannot be “just friends” if they communicate more often than several times a week.

4. Sleepy men tend to overestimate their sex appeal to women.

5. Endorphins released by the body during sexual intercourse with a partner give no less euphoric feeling than opiate drugs.

6. Scientists know of cases where sperm remained alive and therefore ready for fertilization 8 days after ejaculation.

7. 12% of adults on the planet have had sex at work.

8. About 30% of women on Earth have problems with orgasm.

9. Regular sex that suits both partners can lead to the emergence of love between them.

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10. People who have sex once or twice a week have better immune systems.

11. Latex condoms have a shelf life of about two years.

12. If a man has an orgasm at least four times a week, it will halve the risk of prostate cancer.

13. Watermelon contains the amino acid citrulline, which is not only good for the cardiovascular system, but also helps to increase the level of sex drive.

14. Having sex is ten times more effective than Valium (Diazepam).

15. The habit of regularly getting rid of pubic hair increases the risk of spreading STIs several times. Most of them, by the way, may not appear in any way for three to five years. So it is advisable to visit the gynecologist as often as possible.

16. Research shows that wearing heels increases the sex appeal of women by an average of 25%.

17. During sexual arousal, the pain threshold rises sharply.

18. When a woman has an orgasm, the amygdala in her brain, which is responsible for emotions such as anxiety and fear, is temporarily disabled.

19. The habit of going to the toilet immediately after sex reduces the risk of urinary tract infections.

20. Every year 11,000 Americans injure themselves while having sex.

21. The largest penis known to scientists was 11 inches - 28 cm long.

22. According to the survey data, women have, on average, four sexual partners in their lifetime, men - seven. Who is lying?

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How often to have sex with your wife or girlfriend?

23. About 75% of men regularly reach orgasm during sex. Among women, this figure is only 29%.

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