The first stage of the Fashion Blog Competition BFW
The first stage of the Fashion Blog Competition BFW

On October 4, the qualifying round of the Fashion Blog Competition BFW SS15 took place at CoffeeBox at 13 Romanovskaya Sloboda.

For the sixth season, this competition (author's project of Yanina Goncharova) is an integral part of Belarus Fashion Week and for the fifth season in a row the competition is held with the support of velcom, the largest mobile operator in the Republic of Belarus.

It is worth noting that this time there were a lot of people willing to take part in the competition, and the quality of their blogs really was of a high level! There were so many worthy of the finals that the jury chose not 8, but 10 happy blogs! Another pleasant surprise was that applicants for participation were not only from Minsk, but also from other cities of Belarus and even Russia.

In addition to applicants for getting into the final of the competition, the selection round was attended by members of the jury of the competition:

- Yanina Goncharova - head of Belarus Fashion Week;

- Olga Grinevich - representative of the competition partner - velcom;

- Anastasia Dedovich - editor-in-chief of the ESH fashion magazine;

- Victoria Naumova - editor-in-chief of Fashion Collection magazine. Belarus;

- Olga Leskovskaya - editor-in-chief of the "Style of Life" magazine;

- Anna Ayvazyan is a famous blogger and stylist.

The whole meeting took place in a sincere, intimate atmosphere of “meeting old friends”, which was largely facilitated by the chosen premises of the “CoffeeBox”.

The members of the jury shared their impressions of the blogs of applicants for participation, promised to strictly judge the finalists of the competition and discussed the current state of the Belarusian fashion.

Belarus Fashion Week autumn - winter 2019-2020
Belarus Fashion Week autumn - winter 2019-2020

The names of the lucky finalists of the Fashion Blog Competition BFW SS15:

Marya Volchetskaya

Polina Golushko

Alina Kostyukevich

Victoria Sinchilina

Alexandra Polnyakova

Olga Uglyanitsa

Daria Bambalina

Batyreva Ekaterina

Kravtsov Alexander, Anastasia Pokhilko

Yulia Novik

Stressful days of performing creative tasks from the jury members and covering preparations for Belarus Fashion Week are ahead! Starting from November 11, all bloggers will be 100% immersed in the world of Belarusian fashion - the most active and dynamic period begins: daily reports of the contest participants about shows and events within the framework of Belarus Fashion Week. Here, first of all, the jury will pay attention to the efficiency and originality of the authors' style.

The winner of the main nomination "Fashion Blogger BFW" will have the opportunity to attend the shows of the International Fashion Week next season. Also, the winner of a special nomination from the partner of the competition - velcom, will receive a valuable prize - a fashionable gadget.

Everyone is interested in what tasks the bloggers received this season? The professional jury approached their task creatively.

Dialogue with the OFF Schedule BFW designer

The Fashion Blog Competition finalist is invited to publish in the format of a fashionable dialogue-interview with one of the designers of the Off Schedule BFW program.

A blogger, as a fashion journalist, prepares a full-fledged article - a dialogue with the designer of the Off Schedule BFW program. The topic of the interview-dialogue is a famous film about fashion.

Belarus Fashion Week: fashion shows, shopping with Belarusian designers and fashion education
Belarus Fashion Week: fashion shows, shopping with Belarusian designers and fashion education

In addition to discussing the film, the material should contain information about the designer, his creative path and the collection, which will be presented as part of Belarus Fashion Week in the upcoming season. The publication is accompanied by a photo.

Change the image of a fashion person

The fashion world is full of chameleon people who change styles like gloves. But there are those who have adhered to the same style for many years, often choosing the same kit with minor changes. It seems to us that it is high time to change them!

Each blogger gets his own character with a distinctive style of dress. The task is to come up with / pick up three completely new looks for your character - for work, for a party and for meeting friends.

SMART OUTFIT: a special task for fashion bloggers from velcom

Fashion bloggers are invited to try to look at fashion and trends in SMART style, velcom style, in the style of the future.

During the Fashion Blog Competition, bloggers can not only explore brands of clothing and accessories that focus on high and sustainable technologies that can make life for each of us even better, but also show creativity in their own interpretation of SMART OUTFIT.

What awaits bloggers at the second stage of the competition?

All participants need to create a fashionable SMART image and give useful advice to those who love innovative, original street style clothes. The use of clothes and accessories from Belarusian designers, as well as gadgets, is especially welcome.

Belarus Fashion Week autumn - winter 2019-2020
Belarus Fashion Week autumn - winter 2019-2020

velcom will help the finalists to realize their ideas and create a real SMART story. To achieve really cool results, every fashion blogger will need to do a photo shoot of their outfit and work in a studio with a professional photographer and make-up artist, who will be provided by partners!

Help for the participants of the competition

Among the endless trends that create the mainstream, to remain not only original, but also unique - this is the SMART image. We want to see a style that will suit a person who really loves life, clearly understands his goals and is always aimed at self-development.

A fan of SMART-style spends a lot of time looking for his real self: he is not afraid to try new things, finds interest in everything that surrounds him. Such a person enjoys work and play. He appreciates new wave, minimalism and sustainability.

Anyone can support the blogger they like and influence the audience's sympathy on the choice of the contest jury. Follow the project news in the velcom groups on the social networks Vkontakte and Facebook. Like the best looks from the finalists!

When using social media during the contest, bloggers will actively post hashtags #ilovebfw and #ilovebelarus. We look forward to completing all the tasks from the participants of the competition and thanks again to those who applied for participation in the competition!

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