How to learn humor and be funny?
How to learn humor and be funny?

A dignified, happy and cheerful life to be around. Humor lowers stress levels, improves health, and increases the number of happy friends and girls. How to learn humor and be funny?

Laugh - and the whole world will laugh with you!

Spiritual Workout

During this spiritual Warm-up, you will learn to fill your spiritual energy with light. You will have a feeling of spiritual renewal and freshness, as well as a desire to have fun and play.

1. Make fun friends

Try to make your circle of friends include at least two people who make you laugh. Try inviting them to visit more often, to friendly events and parties. In addition, constantly look for new friends, but always those who are pleasant to spend time with.

2. Go to the cinema or theater

Watch comedy films and funny plays as often as possible, attend performances of famous comedians and comedians, and everywhere laugh heartily, to stomach cramps, catching fun from other viewers and, in turn, infecting them. This will act like taking good medicine on a regular basis. But then there are no side effects!

3. Smile - and the whole world will smile with you

Try this simple exercise: On the street, catch the glances of passers-by who are walking towards you and smile at them. You will find that often even the most serious-faced people will smile back at you.

The modern generation of dependent
The modern generation of dependent

4. Learn from prisoners of war

Even in the most dire circumstances, try to literally force your mood to be normal and your spirit uplifted. In doing so, you will reduce mental pain, alleviate suffering, and increase your chances of “survival,” that is, you will overcome the situation. Try to mentally retell your position in a new way, in a playful tone; in other words, try to keep the story of a sad event (about how someone publicly insulted you, about an incredibly gross mistake made at work, etc.) as if it were a funny sketch.

He who has lost wealth has lost much; who have lost friends, have lost even more; but he who has lost his spirit has lost everything. Spanish proverb

5. Become "Doctor Laughter"

Knowing that laughter is good for your health, use your newly-grown powers of compassion, understanding and compassion to help others stay healthy by making them smile and laugh. Give your friends and colleagues more opportunities for fun, fun and laughter. Practice being able to skillfully tell jokes, imitate other people in funny ways, and generally act like an inveterate comedian.

Just remember to prescribe this medication to yourself! Learn to laugh at yourself. It will allow you to look at yourself in a new way, give your personality new traits, and have a positive impact on the growth of your creativity.

6. Read books that make you laugh

Who am i?
Who am i?

Various collections of cartoons, anecdotes, comics, and humorous books will help you with the previous exercise. They will help you distract and rest. These books, when read in small but regular intervals, will lift your spirits and take you even further in self-nurturing when used as a tool to lift the corners of your lips and those of your friends.

7. Make your life easier

Keep in mind: it takes a lot more effort to frown than to smile! When a person frowns heavily, a lot more muscles are involved in this action than when a normal smiling broadly. Therefore, choose the easier way for yourself - and smile!

8. What kind of face to wear?

Try to scowl and look at a very young child like that. Then try to smile. Very often you will find that the expression on the baby's face will be a reflection of you. Such a reaction is by no means limited to children - it is a natural property of any person, both small and large!

Now decide for yourself: what kind of person you intend to present to the world and what results you want to achieve in this case.

9. Exercise with laughter

The next time you have to really laugh, watch what happens to your body and your entire body. Think about how you breathe and what muscles are involved in the laughing process. I have no doubt you will surely find yourself providing yourself with one of the most comprehensive physical exercises possible!

Stop doing nonsense and learn to throw unnecessary things
Stop doing nonsense and learn to throw unnecessary things

From now on, use laughter as a form of physical exercise and as an exercise that is useful for maintaining health.

10. Do something funny

Take a course to develop circus flexibility skills, learn belly dancing, ice skating - in general, decide to master something new and certainly exciting. Better yet, try it not alone, but with your friends!

Spiritual Boosters

I become an increasingly happy person and smile whenever the opportunity presents itself.

I see the funny side of things better and better and help my relatives and friends see it.

I am usually cheerful and bring a sense of lightness into my life and into the lives of others.

I look forward to a positive future for myself and for the whole world.

Amazing and unusual events delight me and cheer me up, making me smile

I like to be in a good and cheerful company, where you can laugh with friends.

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