10 ways to make yourself unhappy
10 ways to make yourself unhappy

Why are smart and talented people so often unhappy? What is the mind worth if you cannot make yourself happy? Happiness or unhappiness depends on the person himself.

It’s pretty easy to hurt yourself. The pain you have caused yourself is one of the most severe. In order not to break your heart, in no case do the following:

1. Don't regret your decisions. Time has passed and it cannot be returned. There is no point in regretting, since you will no longer be able to go back in time to change your choice. In that situation, you made the right choice, even if now it seems like a mistake. The years have changed you, and today you would have made a different, wiser decision. However, a few years ago you were younger and looked at the world a little differently. Stop feeling sorry.

2. Don't let anyone judge you for your feelings and experiences. It is very difficult for other people to understand your condition and feel what you have gone through. Therefore, they in no way have the right to consider your feelings and experiences groundless or say that they should not be at all.

3. Appreciate those who love you. Don't waste time and energy on unpleasant people or those who don't need you. Be close to loved ones. Because then it will be too late to regret not spending time together.

How you handle money is how it treats you
How you handle money is how it treats you
Disagreements in any close relationship result from erroneous behavior on both sides. And often we try to give as many reasons as possible to prove our case. This is mistake. The one who will be the first to admit his mistake will be right. Never put human relationships on the same scale as principles.

5. Do not participate in all disputes that arise. Even if you are a very strong person, you should not try to show it in all conflict situations. An intelligent person does not enter into petty arguments, but simply avoids baseless insults or rudeness. Don't waste your energy on negativity.

6. Don't get hung up on the negative. It doesn't matter how much negativity the people around you spread. You shouldn't react to it and give up. Our happiness depends on our thoughts. So start thinking positively already.

7. Don't "rush" love. Real feelings involve mutual respect and complete acceptance of a person with all his merits and demerits. Find someone who will love you now and will encourage you to grow and develop, and not slow down these processes.

8. Do not try to keep those who do not want to be with you. Even if it is very difficult for you to let go of people, do not keep them close to you by force. You won't get anything good from them anyway.

How to become lucky and be more fortunate?
How to become lucky and be more fortunate?
Listen to what other people tell you. Even if their advice and comments will be unpleasant to you. Those who care about you will tell you the truth, no matter how unpleasant it may be for you. Don't be angry with them for that.

10. Never give up. No matter how difficult it is, and no matter how many obstacles you meet on the way to your goal, keep going towards it. There will always be difficulties, and if you give up every time they arise, you will never achieve anything.

Try to stick to these rules and things will work out for you. Do not forget that your attitude in life and attitude towards yourself determine your happiness and success.

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