About size
About size

Guys, your size matters. This is a common truth that you must accept if you do not want to be fooled and used by chickens. Come here. I will teach.

The little one in the bunk is not a fighter. Even when everything is narrow on the receiving side and nothing is stretched out, the small one is not quoted. No, skill and technique does not compensate for the lack of dimensions. Do not indulge yourself with illusions.

If you masterfully own your shorty, it looks even more pathetic than if you did not own it at all. Imagine a maestro who was slipped a rusty piano without half the keys. You understand that in front of you is an outstanding musician who would play excellently on the piano if he had one. But there is no normal instrument - there is no music either.

The second illusion, which for some reason sits in your naive little heads, is, in general, an oxymoron and a hell of a laugh. Some of you are quite seriously convinced that there are those among us who really like small ones.

Imagine the situation. A certain woman is dating the man of her dreams, who has everything perfect, except for the size. And suddenly someone from above says to her: "Let's put your Cherubino on centimeters of heels in length and a couple in width?" And she was like, “No! I don’t need this! Never!" Do you think there is at least one woman in the whole world who will answer that way, and not: “Yes! Yes! Let's!" None. Trust mi, silly ones.

Silicone breasts and their secrets
Silicone breasts and their secrets

Although I understand the logic of such silly of you: you draw parallels between your size and ours. Yes, there are men in the world who love small breasts. There are those who prefer size A over size D. I do not dispute that. I agree with that.

But you fighters are greatly mistaken if you think that among all the women in the world there will be at least one who prefers seven centimeters and seventeen. Will not be found. Just believe it.

Now about what to do for those of you who are too small. The main rule is not to believe women who claim or make it clear that you are good in bed. With you, at best, nothing. If a woman stuck to you, it means that you are dear to her as a person or as a prospect, but not as a lover. As a lover, you are a rusty piano without half the keys. Don't forget about it for a second if you don't want to be a sucker.

Yes, it is, of course, very offensive when a woman is with you only because you are a good person or an enviable prospect, and not because she wants you always and everywhere. But it is better to accept this fact and from the sea of a woman to catch the one that admires your human qualities. Weed out the treacherous liars who lie in your face about their eight orgasms with you.

Yes, it sounds dreary, but you, the owners of size A, should choose good and indifferent to sex life women as companions who can appreciate your personal qualities and the depth of your mind, and not frictions.

Erogenous zones in girls: how to become a foreplay master
Erogenous zones in girls: how to become a foreplay master

Girls, and you - advice: life is too short to spend it on small pussy. No perspective is worth 7 centimeters for life. Please confirm! Well, or refute.

Guys, if you at least once wondered if yours is too small, do not ask them any more: too small. Yes, and by our standards too. No, for those who have it normal, such questions do not come to mind. Yes, they are better in bed. Yes, much better. No, your gentle drool does not compensate for anything, but only annoys. No, we are not callous, anxious bitches and love tenderness, but only from those who have normal ones. No, not by high standards. Yes, worldwide. Excluding all the great Chinese people.

Girls, what could make you subscribe to a modest penis?

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