How to survive the fall
How to survive the fall

The mood of many now, if not depressed, then knocked down. Listen here and you will quickly get into good emotional shape. Here are my 10 tips for dealing with fall spleen.

Facebook feed screams: "Summer, hey!" The mood of many now, if not depressed, then beaten down: they recently took a vacation, the understanding that the next stop is only New Year's holidays does not add joy to life.

Autumn, vitamin deficiency, the war in Ukraine, disgust for the recently beloved Europe, homework for children, an emergency, or, conversely, melancholy at work and, in general, cold. Well, how can you not be depressed?

Listen here and you will quickly get into good emotional shape. Here are my 10 tips for dealing with fall spleen.

1. Drink vitamins

It seems that everyone knows that autumn and a lack of vitamins are almost synonymous, but for some reason many treat this knowledge as a relic of the Soviets, as something from the category: "Women should not be engaged with weights, otherwise the uterus will fall out" …

In fact, already in October we lack vitamins and minerals. All that is needed is to spend on drink their course.

Just choose vitamins certified according to GOST, not dietary supplements. And do not be lazy to use them every day in accordance with the instructions, and not the first three to five days, and then - according to the principle "if you remember."

How to quickly improve your mood?
How to quickly improve your mood?

2. Do not drive yourself

Autumn is a transitional period during which you get out of the summer heat and get ready for the winter cold. In a state of adaptation, it is prudent to go into energy-saving mode and not take on too much.

And for some reason, it is during this difficult period that you try to take on more on yourself. The children went to school, which means that the load has increased for you. You signed up for the gym. At work after the summer lull - new contracts. And everywhere you try to be in time and surpass yourself. Do not.

When I return to the gym after a break, my first workout is done with half the load on the previous one. You need to enter fitness gradually. You want to be beautiful, not haggard, right?

If so, then after a break in training, you should not crawl into the gym on its last legs 6 times a week after work. Three times in your case is more than enough.

Yes, fitness stars, when planning their splits, focus on 6 strength training per week, but that is why they are stars. Fitness, in their case, is a profession. As a rule, they do nothing else. They train and train.

Fitness pros don't have to get up at 5 a.m. to cram a workout before work. They do not need to think about how and what to eat in the evening if the training ends at 23:00. They have enough time not only to practice, but also to recover.

51 lessons on the path to success in life
51 lessons on the path to success in life

However, do not think that they are happier than you. When I just came to the gym, there was a 30-year-old beauty teaching aerobics. Looking at her, I said to another instructor: “That's lucky. Not work, but a holiday of life: she trains herself, and she also gets paid for it. It is a pity that I am studying at the university. " To which I was given the answer: “Come to Sveta and talk to her about how her knees hurt, how her back hurts, and what it is like for her to jump 6 hours a day on the steppe with those painful knees. Sveta is asleep and sees when the administrator's place will be vacated in the club so that she can take it and work as a subscription clerk."

I support you very much when you buy a membership to the club. But when buying, remember: fitness has more than just a bright side. Doing it incorrectly and with the last bit of strength, you run the risk of driving yourself up.

Post-workout recovery is just as important to building a beautiful body as the workout itself. It is better to have 3 workouts per week, which you will work out conscientiously and after which you will have time to recover, than 6, which will squeeze all the juices out of you.

Exercise is a great way to deal with blues and you should definitely have them, but if there are too many of them, you will not cheer up, but, on the contrary, will feel even more depressed and weakened.

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Improve a bad day. 20 ways to cheer up

3. Create your own background information

Any negative information, even if it goes in the background, exacerbates the blues. We automatically turn on the TV, and if murder, pain, suffering pour out from there, we involuntarily begin to grieve even more.

Do you feel that the negativity in your life is enough? Do not add it with events from the outside. How? Yes, at least include in the background not serials about cops, but comedies.

I really love the TV series "Friends". World television does not yet know the best comedy project: it is funny and at the same time deep, elaborately constructed. I have all seasons. Worried? Overworked? Burned yourself out? I fall into bed, pour coffee, take candy and watch from any episode. Until there is nothing left in my head except the relationships of Monica, Rachel, Ross, Chandler, Phoebe and Joey.

I am by no means imposing my television addictions on you. I just advise you to acquire a collection of your favorite films, after watching which your mood rises. And not only to acquire, but also to watch. Even if there is no time for full viewing in bed, turn it on in the background while ironing linen or chopping cabbage for borscht.

Don't let yourself go deeper into your own sad thoughts. Let your distract something from the outside. And let it not be crime news.

4. Do yoga

Just get busy and that's it. All the words that yoga puts in order not only the body, but also the head, sound unconvincing exaltation for those who have never done it. Those who have studied know that this is so. However, this knowledge can only be shared through one's own experience. Just do yoga and that's it.

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How to change your life in 30 days? Plan of radical changes for the month

5. Don't drink alcohol

Alcohol makes the blues worse. Even if the first dose amuses you, the subsequent ones will drive you into even more despondency. Not to mention the morning hangover.

Drink drinks that keep you warm, but without degrees. Cook apple compotes. Drink coffee or herbal teas. I really like coffee or black tea with ginger. If there are no problems with blood vessels, I recommend: invigorates.

Don't drink alcohol.

6. Get enough sleep

Often people do not get enough sleep, not at all because they do not have the opportunity to go to bed earlier, but because, having come home from work and redoing everything, they have very little time left for themselves. It is very depressing to plow at work, do the housework and go to bed. And when to live?

What are people doing? They snatch a couple of hours from their own sleep and spend them on what they enjoy doing. During the working week, this time stolen from sleep adds up to a decent lack of sleep and, as a result, to a feeling of terrible fatigue, which people struggle with on weekends, spending them in their sleep.

Understand: if you devote not 2 hours, but 30 minutes to your favorite business, you will still enjoy it, but at the same time you will also get enough sleep. Like reading? Read until 11:30 pm, not 1 am. Do you like to be blunt on the Internet? Take half an hour and go to bed. You will feel much better in the morning.

Childhood dreams versus reality
Childhood dreams versus reality

But on the weekend, without exhausting yourself with lack of sleep, you will wake up earlier and can devote more time to your hobbies.

7. Don't sigh at what you don't have, but rather take the trouble to get it

When a person is moping, it seems to him that he is living somehow wrong. If it seems to a person that he is living somehow not so, it means that he really does not live the way he would like.

Life is one and you need to live it the way you want, and not the way it turns out. To do this, you need to answer the question: "What exactly am I missing?" And, having answered, think about how to get it.

Very often, many do not have enough money, but at the same time few are ready to make at least one extra gesture in order to earn money.

In words and in dreams, everyone lacks some great millions, when only fifteen thousand rubles a month, which you can put down on yourself without remorse, could make you happier.

A woman could go to the salon twice a month for these fifteen thousand and buy the cosmetics that she really wants to buy, and not the one that she can scrape together. And this is only fifteen thousand rubles a month. Not a million or even a hundred and fifty.

I do not believe that modern man cannot earn this money. If you are a translator, get a job, in addition to your main job, in a translation agency and do remote translations. A few hours a week - and your fifteen thousand are in your pocket.

How to live an adult life?
How to live an adult life?

If you are a teacher, rehearse one or two students. There are many opportunities to make money. The main thing is to look for them, not the reasons why you have no money.

8. Have quality sex

What could be worse than not having sex? Low quality sex. Never settle for bad sex. Better celibacy or self-satisfaction. Bad sex is frustrating.

Disappointment is easy to experience when you are on horseback. When there is a sad time in your life, any disappointment can become the last straw, as well as a new round of prolonged depression. Protect yourself from disappointment. Bad sex is always frustrating.

9. Do a general cleaning

Nothing aggravates the blues more than clutter. Get a good night's sleep and clean up your house. It is easier to breathe in a clean house. In a house where there is a mountain of dirty dishes in the sink, and the same panties hang on the dryer for the second week, even Jim Carrey's mood will ruin.

In addition, the more decisions you have to make during the day, the less energy you have left towards the end. When there is order and cleanliness around you, when you know exactly where to get clean socks, you do not waste yourself on making such trifling decisions as: "What socks to wear - yesterday's or those that match these shoes?" It seems like a small decision, but it is these decisions that devastate you.

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What to do on the street alone or with friends? 70 street adventures

10. Don't do anything with your hair

Remember: if you wore this hairstyle before the spleen covered you, then it completely suited you. In a depressed mood, people often want change, subconsciously believing that a good mood will come with the changes.

The most accessible change is the hairstyle. However, experiments with hair made in such cases, most likely, will not please you. Remember: before the blues, everything suited you in your current hairstyle. There is no need to cut, paint and cut anything now.

If everything will be fine with you, then you will think about it. At least, the decision will not be made at the peak of melancholy, which means that it will be able to claim some adequacy.

Do you have any ways to deal with the blues? Share with each other, my miserables!

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