A new vision of success
A new vision of success

When does success and happiness come easily? Success is hard work and luck. You need to work hard on success or catch luck by the tail, but where to look for it?

The whole being knows without studying, sees without looking, and achieves without doing. Lao Tzu

Most people think of success as the sum of two factors - painstaking hard work and, of course, luck. You need to work hard and hard on success, or catch luck by the tail, but where to look for it?..

Many people are able to imagine their happiness somewhere beyond the horizon and are ready to endure inconveniences for it today, sacrifice important valuable things today.

But happiness is a perishable commodity, putting off our happiness until tomorrow and choosing painstaking and hard work today, we may not find it tomorrow either. Either it will come to us not as we imagined it, or it seems to us that its price was too high. Or moreover, we were happy when we strove for our happiness, fought for it, were active, won and lost in numerous life battles for happiness. But now, when the goal has been achieved, everything has become somehow boring and colorless, insipid and no longer so valuable.

There is no happiness beyond the horizon, there is happiness today, or it may not exist at all. Happiness is not a destination; it is a journey.

Signs about money. 50 will accept money to be found
Signs about money. 50 will accept money to be found

If you are able to find pieces of this happiness today and collect it into your great happiness today, then tomorrow you can be happy.

In pursuit of happiness - happiness is not found. Happiness does not like effort, it loves harmony, a person's agreement with himself.

It does not want to sit in the waiting room at the station, it either enters your life right here and now, immediately, or leaves in an unknown direction, and then look for its fistulas, it is not known when it will come next time.

The Universal Law of Least Effort: The Mind of Nature works effortlessly, effortlessly … carefree, harmoniously and lovingly.

And when the forces of harmony, joy and love become subject to us, we achieve success and good luck easily and without any effort. Deepak Chopra.

Three Components of the Law of Least Effort

1. Acceptance

Acceptance simply means that you make a commitment: "Today I will accept people, situations, circumstances and events as they are."

You may want something to change in the future, but at this moment you have to accept everything as it is.

When you are frustrated or upset with a person or situation, remember that you are not responding to the person or situation, but to the feelings that that person or situation arouses in you. It is your choice, your feelings, and someone else cannot be to blame for your choice. When you fully understand and understand this, you will be ready to take responsibility for your feelings and change them.

How to develop your communication skills?
How to develop your communication skills?

2. Responsibility

Being responsible means not blaming anything or anyone for any situation, including yourself. When you accept this circumstance, this event, this problem, responsibility means the ability to creatively react to this situation, to the way it is now. Any problem contains the seeds of opportunity, and this awareness allows you to take the moment as it is and transform it into something better.

When you do this, any so-called frustrating situation turns into an opportunity to create something new and wonderful, and any so-called tormentor or despot becomes your teacher.

3. Openness

This means that your awareness accepts openness and you give up the need to convince or persuade other people to your point of view. If you observe those around you, you will see that people spend ninety-nine percent of their time defending their point of view. Whenever you force the situation when you meet resistance, the resistance only increases.

If you perceive the present and become one with it, if you merge with it, you will feel the inspiration, enthusiasm, flashes of euphoria inherent in any conscious being. If you begin to feel this triumph of the spirit in all living things, if you feel close to it, you will be filled with joy and you will throw off the heavy burden and burden of defending your point of view, indignation and resentment. Only then will you acquire carelessness, joy and freedom. Deepak Chopra.

The success mechanism within you is doing creative actions in the same way that generates creative ideas. Mastery in any kind of activity - whether it be sports, playing the piano, conducting interviews or commerce - does not appear when you carefully and consciously think over every action you take, but when you release tension, relax and allow yourself to "at ease" do business … Creative activity, as opposed to conscious and learned activity, is always spontaneous, always natural. Even the most skilled pianist will not be able to play the simplest composition if he decides each time he plays which finger to hit the next key. He consciously thought about all this before, when he learned and practiced until his actions became automatic, habitual. He became a skillful performer only when he reached a level at which he was able to give up conscious effort and transfer the care of the game to the subconscious mechanism of skill, which is an integral part of the mechanism of success.

I have achieved nothing in life
I have achieved nothing in life

London physician K. Cherry in one of the articles suggested that the cause of stuttering is "excessive control". To test his judgment, he selected 25 people with severe forms of stuttering, equipped them with headphones that broadcast loud sounds that drowned out the subjects' own voices, and invited them to read a prepared text aloud under conditions that excluded the possibility of self-control and self-criticism.

The results were amazing. Another group of people suffering from the same handicap were asked to repeat after the person who reads aloud, or behind the TV announcer, the text they pronounced. Many stutterers were able to speak normally and fluently in conditions where there was no time for "anticipatory self-criticism" - in conditions that literally forced them to pronounce phrases spontaneously, synchronize their speech and quickly correct mistakes. Subsequent similar training allowed them to learn to speak normally.

This became possible because excessive negative information and the possibility of self-criticism were eliminated, which dramatically reduced the level of anxiety and excessive caution. The stiffness disappeared and the speech quality improved markedly. That is, with the help of this method, the personality of a person was disinhibited or "released from imprisonment", after which there was an improvement in indicators in other areas.

How to do it in practice?

Give up the visual image of successful achievement as a kind of peak, imagine your luck in the valley, and maintain a sense of the inevitability of moving towards your goal. Imagine that you are rolling towards her like on a sled - just as easily and fun.

How to get life experience?
How to get life experience?

Use the surfer principle. He never wrestles with the wave, but loves it and catches its ups and downs.

Keep a schedule of your tone and mood. You will find a certain rhythm. It is good to be guided by the affirmation: "Every step I take leads me to success."

At the moments of ups, you do not need to brake. If you are tracking a climb, plan even those things that you put off and that you find difficult. Now they practically do not require any investment of effort, they will succeed easily. Remember, the climb doesn't last forever.

When the wave goes down, treat yourself carefully, do not try to squeeze yourself out. It is very helpful to allow yourself to be passive during this time. You should not strive for labor feats during this period. Do not make sudden movements in fate, do not make fateful decisions, wait for the rise. Ask for support from loved ones, get enough sleep and get more rest. Do not try to "treat" the recession, the best way to live in this phase is meditative. Communicate with nature, read supporting literature, contemplate, and gradually you will feel energized.

Accept your nature. When we manage to get into the stream of life, we are happy to find that if we do not row against the stream, then both ups and downs lead you to success. Therefore, there is always a reason and an opportunity to be happy.

An invitation for happiness:

Today, here and now, I invite happiness into my life. My doors are wide open and ready to let him into my life in full. Everything is ready in me and around me for happiness to come into my life. Welcome happiness! You come to me here and now!

Why Planning?
Why Planning?

In order for great happiness to appear in life, you need to find in it even the smallest, but happiness. And it, like a magnet, will already attract a large one.

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