Stress in men
Stress in men

Feeling depressed, tired, or depressed? The following rules should help you modify your character and difficult life situations.

Stress is the body's response to any demand.

Here's where you can get started:

1. Learn to respect yourself

Make your physical and mental health a top priority. Stop treating yourself like a convict who must "die but do the job." Do not abuse self-punishment, and even more so stop self-criticism and self-torture. By blaming only yourself for all your failures, you mistakenly assume that you can do anything. This is not the case, your self-image is overly exaggerated. As you become more attentive and protective of yourself, your A-character will begin to change. If you do not love yourself, then why should the people around you love you?

2. Know yourself

Almost all of us imagine who they should be, some - what they would like to be, and very few people clearly know what abilities - physical, mental and mental - they really have. Starting today, start making a list that describes your personality. During the day, observe your reactions and emotions, analyze the reasons that caused them. For example, if the first item in your characterization is such a trait as the ability to compete, try to understand in which situations you would like to start proving your competitiveness. In the evening, summing up the past day, it would be nice to think about how often you react in this way and where it was necessary and where not.

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Having done this analysis several times, you, firstly, will be able to control the reactions of your body: replace one negative reaction with another - positive or neutral; and secondly, you will be able to avoid those situations that cause stress or its symptoms. Just scolding yourself will not help you maintain your health and make positive changes in your character. The only true path here is self-knowledge.

3. Be aware of your emotions

Men with A-type personality believe that they increase their performance by doing several things at the same time. But in fact, they do work that does not exceed in volume and does not exceed in quality the work that men with a B-type character do. This is because A-type men experience emotions such as impatience, irritation, and anger as a side effect of the task. These three emotions - impatience, irritation and anger - can be minimized if Type A men understand the real reasons for their success:

• ability to be creative;

• ability to perform the assigned task;

• organization;

• ability to be a leader;

• ability to see perspectives.

4. Let yourself play

Instead of sitting on the couch after a hard day, reading the newspaper or doing crossword puzzles, play with your children. You will not be angry with them for the noise and din, since you will make noise with them. One weekend, invite your friends and play with them in preference, lot - the games can be very different. Don't wait for someone to give you the opportunity to have positive emotions - organize them yourself. Remember, relaxation and recuperation are not synonymous. Help yourself.

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5. Focus your attention on concentration, not self-involvement

Typically, A-type men constantly document their progress and how they look in the eyes of other people. Instead of looking back at strangers, the A-type can extract positive emotions and achieve the desired success based on their own motives. This means that self-concentration will benefit you more than self-involvement. Figuratively speaking, stop trying to be a "plug in every barrel", and let the opinion of outsiders not bother you at all - "you can't put a handkerchief on every mouth." Believe me, you are such a unique and unrepeatable phenomenon that if you are so interested in someone's opinions, it is better to listen to their opinions than to spend precious time in your life listening to and "processing" someone else's opinion about you. B-type men believe that only the future will tell which decision was right and which was not. They usually see the prospects better, because they assess their strengths more realistically.

6. Only practice will help you

Many psychotherapists say that awareness is a necessary but not sufficient condition for changing habits. New rules of conduct need to be learned, as new rules of the game are taught in sports or cards. And in order to use them in life, practice is necessary.

In one of the American clinics, 1012 A-type men who had had a heart attack were followed up for three years. Each of them was advised to follow not only diet and physical activity, but also try to modify their character. It turned out that among those who followed all three tips, repeated heart attacks occurred three times less often than among those who paid attention only to diet and exercise. Quite eloquent statistics!

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The following rules should help you modify your character:

1. Don't do several things at the same time. If you are reading, having lunch, or talking on the phone, keep your attention focused on one specific activity.

2. Take your time. Walk, talk, and eat more slowly. Your gait should be smooth and calm - you will have time for everything!

3. Read books that entertain you. They shouldn't be relevant to your job. Pay attention to presentation style as much as content. If you are not familiar with a word, look up it in the dictionary.

4. Drive on those roads where fast driving is prohibited, do not step on the pedal with frantic energy.

5. Sometimes forget the clock at home. After all, why are you looking at your watch all the time?

6. Record half of all business conversations on your answering machine. Record evening conversations for your wife. Play these situations for yourself. Notice the times when you take your time, listen carefully to the question, and answer briefly but clearly. Are you trying to speed up the conversation by finishing the sentence for the other person? If you find that you are talking like an A-type man, try to imagine the same conversation for a B-type character.

7. Try taking the longest route home to learn how to wait without getting nervous or wasting time. Look, is it really so hard to make this time enjoyable for you? Think about the lives of those close to you, try to remember something pleasant or planned.

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How to become more energetic, active and strong?

8. Look in the mirror at least twice a day to notice signs of tension, arousal, or fatigue. Learn to recognize these expressions in order to control your facial expressions without looking in the mirror.

9. Smile and laugh more often! Think about something funny. Don't wait for the smile to come to you on its own.

10. Think about the eternal often. About birth, about life, about space and even about death, regardless of your inclinations - religious, philosophical or pragmatic.

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