You can recognize everything by the eyes
You can recognize everything by the eyes

By the eyes you can judge a person, if not all, then a lot. Interesting? The shape, cut and color of the eyes are a clear reflection of the character and habits of its owner.

Each of us from childhood is well known the phrase: "The eyes are the mirror of the soul." But the point is not even that in a person's gaze one can read his mood or intentions. It turns out that the shape, shape and color of the eyes are a clear reflection of the character and habits of its owner. Do not believe? Then keep your eyes open.


Blue-eyed people are often credited with qualities such as daydreaming, sentimentality, and romance. Owners of this eye color are sensitive, emotional and rather moody. In life, they are attracted by diversity and dynamics. At the same time, blue-eyed people have well-developed fantasy, imagination and taste. Usually they are talented and very motivated people.

People with gray eyes are irreplaceable workers. From childhood, they show kindness, responsiveness, practicality, patience and discretion. You can always rely on them. Gray-eyed people are inquisitive and quick-witted, but nature has not endowed them with great physical strength and intuition.

The green-eyed part of the world's population is often compared to cats. And indeed it is. Despite the external cold-bloodedness and independence, they are very loyal, gentle, kind and vulnerable personalities. On the one hand, such people are hardy, stubborn, principled, and on the other hand, they are neat, polite and compliant.

The formula for success. Universal laws of success
The formula for success. Universal laws of success

Brown and black eyes are the surest sign of impulsiveness and passion. Such people are distinguished by their irascibility, but at the same time they quickly come to their senses. They are active, amorous and charming. In feelings, they tend to show extremes - if they love, then with all their heart, and if they hate, then with all their soul.

If the iris has an uneven color, this indicates the complexity and inconsistency of nature. Do not expect that communication with such a person will be easy.

The form

Chinese scientists pay attention not only to the color, but also to the shape of the eyes. They created a special classification by which it is possible to determine the character of a person by comparing the type of his eyes with the corresponding representative of the animal world. According to Chinese typology, there are large and bright "dragon eyes", elongated and shiny "phoenix eyes" with folds on the upper and lower eyelids, "lion eyes", narrow and long "elephant eyes", round with a yellowish tinge "tiger eyes" and narrow, with several layers of skin on the upper eyelids "sheep's eyes".

At the same time, dragons are powerful rulers, phoenixes are representatives of the art world, lions are natural-born commanders, elephants are calm friends, tigers are cruel conquerors, and sheep are modest laborers.

If you leave the animal world alone and turn to the associative series, you will notice that the size of the eyes corresponds to the openness of character. People with large, wide eyes are frank, sensual, artistic and sociable. Small eyes belong to self-sufficient individuals, but rather secretive, uncompromising and suspicious.

Time to cleanse your life and go on light
Time to cleanse your life and go on light


Widely spaced eyes speak of foresight and good imagination. Close-set eyes can be a sign of scrupulousness and perseverance.

Rolling out eyes are a sure sign of social activity and enthusiasm. And deep-set eyes, on the contrary, speak of a person's caution and observation.

Delving into the study of the eyes of your chosen one or business partner, do not be too categorical in your judgments. Each person is individual and, perhaps, it is your interlocutor who will become a rare exception to the generally accepted rule. The main thing is that a person's eyes are kind, and the look is direct and conscious. The rest is just little things!

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