How to get out of the crowd
How to get out of the crowd

Real desires and inner freedom await you. When life goes on a knurled track, we gradually slide into a swamp. It's time to come to your senses. And start looking at the world with wide eyes.

Our life is not a set of stereotypes, conventions and medals for achievements. Our life is about close people, real desires, inner freedom and conscious actions. The key word is conscious. When we throw ourselves headlong into a newfangled theory or try on a fresh trend, we lose not only money, but also … ourselves. Life goes on a knurled track, and we slide into a swamp, which, it seemed, did not threaten us for sure. It's time to come to your senses. And start looking at the world with wide eyes.

The most terrible chronophagus

This is a phone. See for yourself. Whether you are wandering in the park, spending time with your children, or going to work and still talking on the phone, your mind is completely focused on the conversation. You don’t notice what the children are saying, you don’t see the blue or starry sky, you don’t hear the crunch of snow or the rustle of sand. You are on the phone, and the person calling you simply takes a piece of your life for the duration of the call.

Think: if the conversation lasted 1 hour and 20 minutes, then out of 14 hours of daily wakefulness, this person spent 10% of your life on his problems that day! How many of these calls have you had today and this month?

How to get more done while doing less? 10 secrets of productivity
How to get more done while doing less? 10 secrets of productivity

Spit on the rules, restrict access to your phone, change your number - do it your own way. Watch yourself and be aware of the "communication" even with the usual trinket.

The "bug" of human nature

There is an interesting "bug" in human nature: people want to think less and more and more simplify the existing model of the world around them. We like living under the influence of false news and not knowing reality, eating bad food, not understanding the diversity of world cuisine. But all these behaviors are nothing compared to what happens to us when we are constantly in the curved information field of social networks.

Stop wasting time on all this “news”. Stop reading these nonsensical publics about inspiration, sayings of the great and wise quotes. Want a quote? Read the book Speeches That Changed the World. Want some inspiration? Read the Remark or the memoirs of the greats. Do you want beauty? Buy a ticket and go 300 km from the city, somewhere in the forest. It's very beautiful there! Step out into reality. And use direct access to the wisdom of the greats through books and movies.

The purpose of modern society

The goal of a modern consumer society is complete isolation from annoying phenomena, people and information, from any discomfort that prevents us from receiving that endless pleasure to which we strive under the influence of modern culture and mass media.

And it seems that there is no longer a forest behind the trees - it is not clear why we are doing all this and why we strive so hard for this self-isolation. Self-isolation in the real and virtual world. Stop isolating yourself from the world! You are missing the fun part.

How to please everyone?
How to please everyone?

"Victims" of real communication

Peaceful communication with other people who are mentally, intellectually and socially incompatible with us - this is society. A society where the sum of the terms is greater than the individuals summed up separately. By making the "sacrifices" of real communication, you are not actually sacrificing anything, you are helping yourself and only yourself.

Today, a successful city dweller does not have a single friend. Of course, many will say that they have a lot of friends all over the world! But actually it is not. And yes, your colleagues are not your friends. You are just together in one micro-society. Don't lie at least to yourself. Where do mental disabilities come from? If you restrict personal communication only to text messages - instant messages, mail, social networks, then you lose up to 93% (!) Of information coming from your interlocutor.

If you write a meaningful email, and not unsubscribe, then you transfer 40% of the information to the interlocutor. The phone is a little better in this sense. But text is really a lousy way to communicate. And we are more and more immersed in it. We become mentally disabled, and social networks only speed up these processes.

Don't start your day with a news feed

As you name the yacht, so it will float. As you start the day, it will pass. Try not to start your day with a news feed, but by creating something worthwhile. Write an article or blog post about a topic that interests you. Create a plan for the day or just meditate. You can go for a run or, finally, start doing exercises. Do something that comes “from within you,” and don't start your day by reacting to external stimuli - don't let someone else set your agenda! It may turn out that you will not remember about the news feed all day.

Stop doing nonsense and learn to throw unnecessary things
Stop doing nonsense and learn to throw unnecessary things

Turn on your doubt

A huge number of diets and food models give rise to real wars and confusion in the information field. Vegetarianism versus the paleo diet, mono-raw foods versus macrobiots. All this makes it difficult to concentrate on the main thing. As a healthy eating person, your main focus should not be on who is vegetarian and who is not.

You need to focus on consuming wholesome food and reduce the amount of processed food. The rest will be dealt with later when you learn to understand and hear your body. There is no turning back when you take your first Before and After photo, in which on the left is a bloated, shapeless creature who looks like you and loves pizza and cola, and on the right is a healthy and loving person.

What are we missing?

Remember, we got a buggy operating system. In each of us! Take a look around. It is so bad that we live 50-60 years instead of 80-90 years "supposed" for us in the modern world and are already getting old at 40. It's time to find the missing lines of the code and install them in their proper places. Live longer, see more, think wider, run faster, swim further, love brighter, spend every minute of the only life given to us by the Universe only on what we really need, our body, mind and heart. How can it be mediocre to exchange the only life given to us by nature, the only chance?

Live mindfully. Choose yourself.

Phone addiction. The enemy that takes your time, energy, sleep and success
Phone addiction. The enemy that takes your time, energy, sleep and success

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