Shawshank's husband
Shawshank's husband

A local plumber had dug a tunnel from the couple's bedroom to the nearest pub in 15 years. These five years Kerr, in his own words, were the best in his life.

In the Irish town of Omah, a local plumber named Patsy Kerr was brought to trial the other day. For 15 years, he dug an underground passage almost 250 meters long, which began under his matrimonial bed and ended in a nearby pub.

Kerr fell asleep on nonsense - in the course of his "earthworks" he slightly damaged the sewer pipe of a neighboring house. During the proceedings, the defendant explained why he began to build his secret tunnel:

“My wife was snoring a lot in her sleep and I didn't know what to do about it. And in 1994 I watched The Shawshank Redemption on TV and decided at night, when my wife was fast asleep, to dig a tunnel under the bed towards the nearest pub. I used a variety of tools - from a regular spoon to a drill machine. The last one I worked during the day was while my wife went shopping. It was only in 2009 that I hit the jackpot and ended up in the women's restroom in a pub."

Kerr's past five years, in his own words, have been the best of his life. At eleven o'clock in the evening he made his way to the pub through his tunnel and returned to the matrimonial bed two hours later. All this time, the wife slept in a serene sleep and never suspected anything:

How to always enjoy life?
How to always enjoy life?

“In the morning my wife felt that I was carrying alcohol, but I assured her that it was my natural smell.”

The tunnel was eventually discovered by workers looking for the cause of a sewer problem. It turned out that Kerr accidentally touched a pipe, in which a serious leak formed in five years.

The judge tried to ask the defendant's wife how she had never smelled her faithful smell of sewage, but Mrs. Kerr only shrugged her shoulders to all questions.

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