To be a woman, not a woman
To be a woman, not a woman

How to distinguish real women from unpleasant fakes? There are several simple ways to identify real women from ordinary women.

9 differences between a real woman and a woman:

1. Baba believes that a man owes her everything, and she owes him nothing.

A woman understands that she must invest in a relationship, must love her husband, then her husband will be golden and the relationship will be strong.

2. Baba does not tolerate any criticism in her address.

A woman, on the contrary, takes well-grounded criticism in her address calmly, especially from her man, and draws conclusions.

3. Baba believes that a woman has the right to beat a man with impunity, and that he supposedly never dares to raise his hand against her.

The woman believes that there should be no violence in the family, so she tries to maintain a friendly and comfortable atmosphere in relationships.

4. Baba considers it normal to discuss her man with her girlfriends, but falls into hysterics if she finds out that he has discussed her with anyone.

A woman believes that relationships concern only those who are in them, so she never sinks to gossip, and never discusses her relationship and her man with anyone other than himself.

5. Baba loves it when strangers pay her attention; hates it when strangers pay attention to her man.

The girl wants to get married. Does the girl make you marry?
The girl wants to get married. Does the girl make you marry?

The woman on the contrary is absolutely cold to the attention of strangers to her, only the attention of her beloved man is important to her. And the attention of other women to her man does not consider it a reason for jealousy, since she is completely confident in herself and in him.

6. Baba tries to teach a man about life, gets furious if anyone tries to teach her.

A woman, on the contrary, listens to the opinion of her beloved. If she does not agree with his opinion, then she will not stubbornly prove him wrong, but will modestly express her opinion, without showing disagreement with his position. The woman is ready for a calm and constructive dialogue.

7. The woman justifies the expediency of fulfilling her whims with the phrase "if you are a real man, then you will do it for me!"

A woman does not manipulate a man, and is not capricious. A woman is glad to any gift from her man.

8. Baba believes in fortune-tellers or psychics.

A woman believes in her man.

9. Baba believes that all wars on the planet are for men. And what if women were given power, then peace and harmony would reign on earth …

A woman does not believe in feminist nonsense and does not strive for power, wherever. A woman does not blame anyone for the lack of peace and harmony, but she herself creates them, primarily in her home and family.

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