Muzzle. Advice
Muzzle. Advice

This is not a shadow boxing in Shaolin or a duel near the Deshaux Carmelite monastery. How not to get ***** from the gopota? A guide to fighting for the most inexperienced: where not to hit, where to hit, when to run away.

Now, as always, the question is "How not to get ******** from the gopota?" and "What do you need to do for self-defense?" And since a bunch of different sections of karate, jiu-jitsu, Thai boxing and other shnyaga have appeared, I will try to describe in a few theses how it is easier to figure it out. Suddenly someone will come in handy.

I will write briefly, and you yourself will digest there, I will not argue one hell.

1. There is a simple principle: whoever has the gun is right

And indeed it is. All hand-to-hand fighting fighters admit that if a person has a firearm or a knife, then they are unlikely to be able to do anything. With a high degree of probability, a fighter of any level will receive serious damage in a skirmish against a weapon

For this, the possession of hand-to-hand combat is, to put it mildly, the twentieth thing. Learn to shoot people.

2. Misconception "Speed is more important than strength"

If you are a running competitor, then yes. But in a street fight or in a real fight, you will literally have 2-3 chances to inflict at least some kind of blow on the enemy. And these strikes should be as powerful as possible. Powerful means strong. Strong means you need muscle mass. It will also help protect bones and internal organs from damage. It is better to get bruised and ruptured muscle tissue than a fracture or rupture of an organ. Watch any hand-to-hand fighting championship. It's harder to hit a small opponent, but if he gets an accurate blow from a 100 kg redneck, then the baby flies off to the knockout instantly, no matter how fast he is. For this reason, drisches who think they can oppose the "pitching" with their speed - be careful and do not get into a fight. To avoid.

Fight. Advice
Fight. Advice

3. The human body is rather heterogeneous in terms of resistance to damaging effects

A person has places that are almost impossible to break. They are usually beaten. But there are places that are very easy to damage and impossible to protect (there are no muscles or bones).

It is almost impossible to break: the frontal bone of the skull, the top of the knee (when hitting upwards), the junction of the thumb and forefinger on the hands, the base of the palm, the edge of the palm (although it is inconvenient to hit them and you can still get severe bruises), the elbow (on both sides of the joint), shoulder, sometimes lower leg (but there are many nerve fibers, this requires training).

Easy to damage: wrists, fingers and toes, eyes, larynx and the entire neck in front (carotid arteries, nerve nodes, cartilage), temporal bone, clavicular bone (easily breaks with a slight blow), liver, spleen (hanging below the ribs), jaw (but it's hard to get into it), nose (not always effective), groin (again, hard to get into), lateral surfaces of the thighs (nerve fibers), the base of the skull in the back, knee joint (it is better not to try to get there without training).

Accordingly, the head is straight and lower, with bent arms to cover the internal organs, the knees are bent, the body is slightly turned. Do not allow fingers to be gripped under any guise - they will break easily (all combat techniques for the GRU are based on fractures of the hands, fingers, arms and impact on nerve pain points). In general, it is better not to dissolve the hands, but to beat either with fists (if you know how), or with the base of the palm (some training is also required, but less), or with your head and elbows. Beat your feet only as a last resort. Raised a leg - halved the area of the body on the surface, severely lost stability. Watch fights without rules: most of the punches are like in boxing. Therefore, usually there is a capture of the head with two hands, and only then mutuzzi with knees. Not sure - don't lift your legs. Better sit down and hit from the ground. The lower the center of gravity - the higher the chances that you will not be dropped or trampled.

How not to be numb with fear and not fall into a stupor at impending danger?
How not to be numb with fear and not fall into a stupor at impending danger?

Women - learn to scratch. For men - hit in the larynx. Beating in the groin is ineffective if the person knows how to turn the pelvis. By the way, one of the simplest ways to protect against any blow is to turn the body and deflect the head.

4. Run whenever possible

Fleeing the scene of a confrontation is no more shameful than avoiding an encounter with a mad dog. He stayed alive - well done. You are in the hospital - a hero, but an asshole. There are situations when there is nowhere to run or the wife and children are near. Then tip number 1: weapons. The enemy is good enough to own just a couple of hand-to-hand combat techniques to seriously damage you. Very much.

5. Be afraid

The more fearful you are, the more dangerous you are to the enemy. Fear pumps the blood with adrenaline and fills even the most frail muscles with tangible strength. ALWAYS be afraid of your opponent. NEVER think that you can hit him with one blow or even two. In front of you may be a puny guy who turns out to be a master of sports in lightweight boxing and who will knock you out for an hour and a half with one precise punch of his fist. He practiced this blow for years, so be afraid. This will allow you not to run up (although it is unlikely that the CCM in boxing will get to the bottom of you) and will allow you to provide serious resistance even to superior forces.

6. Think strategically

This is especially true for women. Provocative clothes are appropriate in crowded places during the day, and even then, accompanied by a good-natured silence. I put on a mini at night in the club - well, it's her own fault.

How to fight in a street fight? Secrets of defeating hooligans
How to fight in a street fight? Secrets of defeating hooligans

It's the same with the men. "I'll cut through the industrial zone" or "I'll walk through the garages" is a sure way to get a pipe in the head without any of these Shaolin pranks. Better longer, but without injuries, than saving a couple of minutes, but risking your health. Be aware that the ligaments and nerve fibers are practically not restored. Only bones and muscles heal - everything else is given to a person in a disposable form, so take care of this, it will come in handy in old age.

Here, in short, so. Do not get fooled by advertising that the karate section, or even more so woo-shu, will make you a first-class fighter. It won't. Grips, throws, beautiful jumps - all this is for the circus, not for combat. Boxing can help to deliver a blow, but see item 1 - against a knife or a pistol, all these are childish pranks. And if you don’t believe me, then ask the Chinese who lost the “Opium Wars” to the very small British, but who had self-loading carbines and machine guns.

Well, if you really want to learn how to beat, then buy yourself a pear, wrap your hands so as not to damage it, and beat a soulless object to exhaustion. That's it, you don't need to know anything else. And do not run up.

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