Major mistakes in bed
Major mistakes in bed

All men consider themselves to be great lovers, and women are great in bed. But most of sex is nothing special. The main mistakes in sex, which are sure to ruin a relationship.

In order for the relationship between partners to be long and warm, it is necessary to try not to make mistakes, both in communication in general and in sex in particular. According to sexologists, the biggest mistake in sexual relationships is fear of intimacy and shyness. You can also highlight a few more basic mistakes in sex that can ruin a relationship.

1. Simulated orgasm

This point applies to more women. An experienced man is able to determine whether a woman is pretending or not, so it is worth being natural during intercourse.

2. Comparison with other lovers

Men and women dislike comparisons in general, especially when it comes to the sexual side of relationships. Therefore, it is better not to mention your ex in conversations.

3. Telling the truth is not always good

You should not give out your negative emotions about size, body and sexual needs. Women are especially sensitive to criticism of the size of the breasts, priests and other parts of the body. In men, the sore point is the size of the penis.

4. Talking Not About Sex

During intercourse, all conversations should be about intimacy. Other conversations should be conducted outside the bedroom.

Free relationship between man and woman
Free relationship between man and woman

5. Laziness

Everyone loves it when a sex partner takes the initiative in bed, so do not be lazy and pretend to be passive during intimacy. This is especially true for women.

6. Dissatisfaction with your own body

Statistics show that about 90% of the fairer sex feel dissatisfaction with their bodies. However, a man often does not pay attention to some imperfect aspects of his partner, as he loves and wants her. There is a similar thing on the male side.

7. Selfishness in bed

After reaching orgasm, some women are not interested in what will happen next, and whether the man will reach the peak of pleasure. Normal men don't like this attitude. Also, often men only care about their orgasm, not paying attention to the female one.

8. Disease is a mystery

If you have any infections, you should tell your partner about this, otherwise silence can have serious consequences.

9. Silence during sex

Silence can often be equated with passivity, so to maintain a relationship with a partner, you should show some kind of emotion.

10. Excessive activity

Of course, variety plays a big role in sexual relationships, but you shouldn't turn intercourse into a race or an obstacle course.

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