Manual for individuals
Manual for individuals

An article for those who cannot find a girl for sex, who are not given simply and who got exorbitant prices for the cap of an ordinary heifer. Manual for users of this type of service.

I warn you! A post for those who cannot find a girl for sex, who are not given even by crocodiles for nothing, and who got exorbitant prices for the cap of an ordinary woman, and even with the risk of being sewn off. The rest - at will.

These are girls who work for themselves, or in small flocks with girlfriends in a rented apartment. Advertisements are posted on the Internet or in newspapers in the "leisure" section. But the bulk is sitting on specialized sites, or dating sites. Sweep away all "vkontaktovskie" and "classmates" at once. For divorce is 99%. Anyone (!!!) who asks for prepayment to a mobile / web wallet is a scam. Payment only from hand to hand. As a rule, indies are not as experienced as their colleagues from the saunas and shaloms, but also not as shabby, many of them are ordinary students who earn money in this way. Believe it or not, some indies, if treated well, really enjoy having sex with you, or well-stimulated, it doesn't matter. The main thing is that if she is young and not shabby, then you can imagine that you are having sex with an ordinary girl. For love, so to speak. The older you are, the more experienced you are. But do not take older than 32 (+/-). On the questionnaires, as a rule, the age is underestimated.

They seduce girls not with words, but with touches. Playboy's only secret
They seduce girls not with words, but with touches. Playboy's only secret

So, what you need to know when deciding on such a pastime:

1. Carefully select all candidates. On specialized sites with moderation there is a line (real photo), or something like that. Look for the most part only such questionnaires. Untested whores threaten "pig in a poke". In addition, there are comments, but they should not be trusted. For butterflies can praise themselves. You can look at special forums in your city. I will not share links, google to help. Sites that ask for SMS registration are a scam. Look for another.

2. You need to really understand that that beauty in the photo may turn out to be an overweight crocodile in life, because almost everyone drinks contraceptives, and they lead to hormonal disruption and loss of presentation. The older the profile, the greater the difference between the picture and reality. There are exceptions, though. But it's best to look, of course, "fresh".

If you arrived and you were greeted not quite what you expected - refuse. Learn to send fuck if you are met in general by a left girl and said that she is substituting for a friend. This is pure scam.

The larger your city, the easier it is to find a suitable one on the Internet. In small towns, it is almost impossible to find indie norms on the Internet.

As soon as you have found the girl of your dreams, take the phone (preferably the left one) and call her. Communicate normally, don't be rude. If she is free, ask where to drive. There is a nuance here - it is best to make an agreement a few hours before the meeting. So that she put herself in order and did not accept other clients at the right time.

Kegel exercises for men that will make you a sex god
Kegel exercises for men that will make you a sex god

3. The danger of divorce. Indie is not a sauna. The girl has no owner, so there is no one to complain about her, as well as she about you. In a cozy apartment, you can be robbed / drunk with clafillin / cut out a kidney / just fucked up / or even killed. Yes, my friend, this world is cruel. To prevent this from happening, you need:

- check if someone is following you

- keep brass knuckles / pepper / trauma / shocker in your pocket, in case of an ambush in an apartment or entrance. For an ambush can wait everywhere.

- never drink the booze / tea / juice / breast milk / kvass / blood / water offered by the whore. For if she insists on this and is offended, then you must certainly pass the buck. For they are trying to put you to sleep. You shouldn't wait for fun with this lady.

4. Extended range of services. If the sauna is classic and blowjob, then indie can offer almost anything. Let's take a look at some of the services.

- anal - almost always with a surcharge. It is necessary to negotiate in advance so that the girl shit and washed herself before fucking.

- deep blowjob. This is when she "swallows" the cock and massages it with her throat. If the length allows (at least more than 15 cm) - then this is a complete fly away! Recomend for everybody!

- blowjob without condom. If she has a full set of certificates that she is healthy, then I recommend trying. Feeling without a condom is amazing, you can cum in your mouth! But I still don't recommend it.

- massage. IMHO a waste of time, for a much smaller amount you will be given a much better massage in a massage parlor

20 types of sex that should be in a good relationship
20 types of sex that should be in a good relationship

- prostate massage. Not for everybody, but if she does it very gently and carefully, then I recommend it! Orgasm is three times stronger. True, before that, you will need to fuck up and wash yourself. But it's worth it.

- erotic enema. Well, they give you an enema. Very exciting. You can try, especially since it's useful.

- striptease. Again, a waste of time. And time, as you know, is money.

- lesbian show - again not worth it. For your money, she will fuck with her friend, and you will just sit and jerk off.

- Threesome sex is a very difficult thing. And besides, it's expensive, but if the girls are lovers of this business, then the pleasure is twice as much, as is the payment.

- scat and golden rain - haven't tried it. Too expensive (from 15,000 rubles per hour) and for absolutely perverts. Money for shit in the truest sense of the word.

- role-playing games. A very interesting thing. As a rule, these are popular nurses, police officers, teachers, schoolgirls. If without additional payment, then I recommend it. A girl with a certain acting ability will play the role you want very nicely.

- strap-on / fisting. Xs. Not for an amateur again. But fuck you already. Do you need it?

5. As a rule, unlike a sauna, payment occurs after the actual sexual intercourse. Therefore, there is an opportunity to quietly fuck without paying. But I don't recommend it. For you can get blacklisted on all possible sites, or the security guards, who are hired by especially well-trained girls, will have time to heat you up.

How to be more sexy? 8 qualities of sexuality in men and women
How to be more sexy? 8 qualities of sexuality in men and women

Here again, the plus is that you do not pay the pimp, but personally to her. Therefore, if everything went well, then you can beg for a discount, if you behaved normally, but you do not have enough money, a normal girl should understand and forgive, and if she liked you herself, then in the future, you can fuck at all for half the price. But such things do not work for VIP prostitutes and elite whores. They are, as a rule, cold and greedy like money-lenders.

Manual for individuals
Manual for individuals

And in the end, a couple of pitfalls:

- indie is not a salon. Nobody is following the girl. So it could be a contagious STD. If you have such suspicions (the smell from the pesda or any abscesses / lichens) - send her fuck.

- a setup in the form of cops may occur. After fucking in quiet, the girl calls the cops and demands to sell the car / apartment, and give the proceeds to her, so as not to sit down for rape. This is a very bad situation, my friend, in this case, the easiest way is to agree on the spot with the cops themselves. They will take less. And the bastard can be fucked up somehow next time.

Indy needs to be chosen long and hard, like a new car, if you want the money not to fly away. But if you found what you need, nothing prevents you from becoming a regular customer and cheaply fucking a pretty fairy.

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Things that are exciting. 50 sexual acts

I finished.

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