Divorce for a man
Divorce for a man

When divorced, society is accustomed to protecting a woman, and a man remains a scumbag by definition. Let's look at it from the side of a man. Should you be afraid of divorce?

Society is accustomed to protecting a woman, especially if she is left with a child, and a man in this case, as always, remains in jambs and a scum by definition. But let's not forget that a coin always has two sides and I would like to show society the other side of the coin …

Questions before divorce

- What a cool chick before the wedding, who had sex with me in fitting rooms and elevators, easily sucked me off on the balcony while visiting my grandmother, and now once a week on a fast food and with such a face as if I were forcing you to fist or suck after anal.

- I dripped on your brain for more than a year and a half after the birth of a child, putting up with your strange relatives helping you with small things, I ate fucking semi-finished products, because you were terrified how tired and your hungry husband was absolutely up to the lantern. But excuse me, why until now, despite the fact that the child is almost three years old and he takes care of himself, I wrap up defrosted cutlets and salads from the supermarket?

- Why did you decide that if I bought myself a new gun, I must give you the same amount to buy clothes, and this despite the fact that you are sitting at home, a child in a kindergarten, and you do not even think to go to work.

Are you dating someone? Maybe it's time to leave?
Are you dating someone? Maybe it's time to leave?

- Why did I turn into an ordinary wallet that dresses and shoes you and your child, and you just sit in your classmates and contact, demanding to stop by from work to the store.

- Do you think I just started to stay late at work until the night and thump with my friends all weekend?

- Yes, I became a bad father and spend little time with the child, but if you bring up a child in your own image and likeness, when he is most interested in - what did dad bring him as a gift from the store and from childhood he began to measure the parents' love in rubles, and his best friend thanks to you is a tablet and a TV. I do not have time to educate him in my own way, I simply have to work hard all day at work to ensure all your requests.

- Why should I use my girlfriends' husbands and khakhali as an example, who madly buy them furs and gold and roll them abroad? I save money to buy an apartment so as not to be a slave to mortgages.

Questions immediately after the divorce:

- Yes, I left the family, leaving you everything I could, including a three-year European crossover and a rented apartment paid for six months in advance, and then, be good, go to your parents, who have a four-room apartment, albeit without European-quality repair and on the outskirts, but there is enough room for you.

What to do if men drive up to a girl or she flirts herself?
What to do if men drive up to a girl or she flirts herself?

- Yes, I will only help you for the first three or four months, besides the child, during this time, be kind enough to get a job, because now I absolutely do not care how you will live, I will only help the child.

- Yes, I was thoughtful and did not buy an apartment while we lived together and now you will not be able to father an apartment, which I will soon buy.

- I do not advise you to call all my friends, and tell me what an asshole I am and left the family, our friends have long been divided into “yours” and “mine”, so I absolutely do not care about the opinion of your inadequate friends and your relatives. With your calls, you will only once again prove to everyone what a hysterical you are, interfering with the family smut of strangers.

- In vain, by the way, you hope that all your friends are on your side, the day after I left, three of them called me with a proposal to talk, I already had two in the knee-elbow position. And yes, I did it on purpose, because I'm a bastard and a goat gee-gee-gee.

- I found that I began to return from work to my new rented apartment earlier and became less tired in a week. I was finally able to do my favorite hobby.

Questions one year after the divorce:

- Yes, the most you can do is to become a sales representative for the sale of Kirieshek and your higher education in the humanities has not rested on anyone.

How to make your ex-girlfriend regret breaking up?
How to make your ex-girlfriend regret breaking up?

- Yes, it's hard to make money, and in vain, by the way, you got hooked on a credit needle, buying yourself new trinkets, a new iPhone comes out every year, and you pay three for it, by the way, like for a new fur coat.

- No need to defiantly walk past me in taverns at our chance meeting with another drunk man who took you off, I absolutely do not care, because I have a new woman with whom I live and she only laughs when she sees your scoreboard warped with anger.

- Yes, I began to look much better, because my new woman greets me every evening with a great family dinner and I go to work after having a hearty breakfast, she cares about how neatly dressed I am and whether I have clean socks, and whether I sprayed the toilet water. By the way, I am pleased to buy her expensive gifts, despite the fact that every time she refuses them and every time in return buys me something weighty with her salary.

- Yes, I am a goat and pay alimony in the amount of the amount that my friends spend on their children per month (for divorced women reading this post - their size is about three times larger than the average amount of alimony for the city where I live), it is clear that this money cannot be worn in boutiques and fed every day in a cafe, but in general, both parents should take part in the maintenance of the child, and if you add the same amount, you will get approximately the average salary in our city, which some manage to support a family of 3 -4 people.

How to make a girl happy?
How to make a girl happy?

- Yes, I began to visit the child only for his birthday and the new year, because I don’t know who taught him at the age of 6, communication with dad came down to - “children's world - buy me the most expensive toy” - “park attractions - all machines "-" McDonald's ". At the same time, the child (I do not argue my fault) does not communicate with me on other topics except who and in what clothes walks in the kindergarten and also takes pictures on a smartphone, and does not even say thank you for the rest at parting.

- And do not be offended that I take receipts for alimony from you every six months, seeing how you splash bile, this is an elementary way to protect yourself from your cockroaches in your head, your "best" friends told me how you ran around lawyers and consulted, what else can you squeeze out of me.

- And in spite of everything, I will be glad if you calm down, find yourself a permanent hahahal, and better than a husband and stop making a scoreboard when you meet, as if I suggest you suck after anal sex …

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