When life strikes another blow
When life strikes another blow

Your every failure is just a temporary obstacle on the path to happiness and success. What should you keep in mind when things get rough?

Sometimes things have to go wrong, so that in the end everything is as it should be. In fact, the easy way is not always the right one. Some of you, I am sure, have seen this from your own experience. Nevertheless, it is difficult to always remember this, especially when a really difficult period in life comes.

So, we are publishing this post to remind you that the darkest moments of life, every mistake you make, is just a necessary step on the path to success. Every difficult test you pass today exhausts the likelihood of mistakes in the future. Your every failure is just a temporary obstacle on the path to happiness and success.

Here are some things to keep in mind when things get rough:

1. Your disagreement with the public "what is needed" leads to suffering

Remember, happiness is when you feel comfortable with this "what is needed" and do not worry about "what is not needed." In this context, “what is needed” is considered as what should or should not be. Everything else is just your arguments with life. Think about this for a minute. Your suffering will continue until you stop resisting the circumstances. You cannot control everything that happens to you. Decide for yourself how to react to a given situation. Your reaction is your strength.

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2. Where you are now is an integral step on your path

Sometimes, at some stage, life takes us to a place where we would rather not be. And all this is because each of us has some ideal ideas about where we should be or where we would like to be. But the truth is, exactly where you are today is where you need to be to be where you want to be tomorrow.

3. Sometimes your happiness lies in the fact that you did not get what you were striving for

Yes, sometimes, if you don't get what you wanted, it’s a fluke that re-evaluates certain things, opens the door to new opportunities and information that you would otherwise simply forget.

4. Everything will change much faster than you think

You cannot avoid change, because it is a natural process. In fact, everything changes with every minute of life. Whatever the situation, good or bad, it will change in any case. It is impossible to predict what the next wind of change will bring you.

5. You must clearly understand where you intend to move on

Your life will begin to improve as soon as you clearly define for yourself what it means "better". You can only get rid of suffering and disappointment when you have something real and positive in return. Be special. Happiness is not a goal, but the result of a life lived right. The question is, how do you want to live in the future?

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The importance of the right environment. How to choose who to communicate with?

6. You cannot change the situation if you do not take full responsibility for it

Sigmund Freud said: "Most people really do not want freedom, because it implies responsibility, and responsibility scares most people." Don't let yourself be one of these people. When you blame others for what you are going through, it suggests that you do not acknowledge your responsibility and refuse to influence this side of your life.

7. Your personal attitude to the situation can either improve or worsen it

No matter how complicated things are, you can make them even worse. Don't forget this. A negative attitude will never lead you to a good life. When negativity controls your thoughts, it limits your behavior, actions, opportunities. If you once realized what the power of thought is, henceforth you would forbid yourself to think negatively.

8. Do not pay attention to the negativity coming from other people

In all honesty, other people's opinions, what they say and do, are entirely based on their introspection. Don't take it personally.

9. Anger is poison

Forgive people, even if they don't ask you for forgiveness, and keep moving forward. Do it not for them, but for your own sake. It takes a tremendous dose of love and laughter and the ability to let go of the situation for you to heal. We would never let poison get into our food, so let's not let anger take over our hearts.

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Unlucky in life? Why, then, are others lucky? It's not about life, it's about you

10. You are strong enough to be above it

Don't let your temporary wounds constantly turn you into who you are not. A strong person is not one who does not cry, but one who may cry at some point, but then rise up and continue to fight for his beliefs.

11. Struggle is not an obstacle in your path, this is your path

You are not what you have done, but what you have overcome. Your struggle is the only sure way to happiness.

12. Sometimes you have to take risks

Life is inherently a risk. But what you must avoid at all costs is the risk of inaction. Finish this and start doing something, even if it is only a small step, but in the right direction. Strive for progress, not excellence.

13. Your failures are steps to success

When Thomas Edison was working on the invention of the incandescent light bulb, he said: “I did not fail. I've only found 10,000 ways that won't work. " In other words, he didn't think he was making mistakes, it was just these 10,000 non-working ways that led him to the right decision. Learn from the so-called "failures" to draw certain conclusions. Understand how you can do it better next time. It is very important.

Different sides of life or how to please yourself
Different sides of life or how to please yourself

14. Learning from everything is extremely important

Positive thinking really depends on your point of view. If you see a problem in something, then your thoughts and emotions are negative. But, if you realize that you can learn something from this something for yourself, the problem immediately disappears. Nothing holds you back and nothing hinders you. The whole problem is in personal views, beliefs and what is the meaning of life for you.

15. Everyone has their own problems. Everyone has their own way

It makes no sense to compare one with the other. Each of us should have our own time to walk our own path. It's perfectly okay to be different. You should be better today than yesterday.

16. You are really adorable

Even when life hits you, you have to be willing to place a bet on yourself. It is the only investment in the world that you can best control. You are worth it!

17. Be kind to yourself. This is the best medicine

Your self-worth has nothing to do with your profession, calling, or success. What matters most is how you feel about yourself. Be kind to yourself.

18. Be sure to be kind to the people around you

Kind words are easy enough to pronounce, but their echoes are endless. Show kindness whenever possible. Believe me, you will always have such opportunities. Everything returns to normal. You know about this.

I'm not a loser but a beginner
I'm not a loser but a beginner

19. Let Others Help You When You Need It

No, they will not always be able to pull you out of difficult situations, but they will definitely prompt you out of them.

20. Gratitude can improve any situation

Even in the most peaceful environment, an ungrateful heart will surely find problems. And even in the most difficult situation, a grateful soul will find peace. Remember this. There is always something to be thankful for. Life becomes brighter when you smile. It is not at all stupid of you to remain positive in a difficult situation. On the contrary, it is a sign of superiority and strength. Do the right thing. Instead of crying and complaining, keep smiling and appreciating life.

21. Tough times teach you to appreciate the good moments

If everything is smooth and smooth in your life, then you get used to it very quickly, don't you? From time to time you need to have chaos and disorder in your life. Otherwise, you can never truly enjoy the good moments.

22. Even small victories are worth celebrating

Sometimes we forget to pause and appreciate our small victories. Remember: the path to success begins from small victories.

23. Sometimes, if the situation does not improve, the best thing you can do is give up

And then keep moving forward without any doubt or guilt. It's one thing to give up when you realize that there is nothing more you can do, and it is another thing to realize that everything was in your hands. Sometimes we just need to keep moving forward.

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How to be more attentive?

24. You are not trapped. You just need to re-learn a few things

We all sometimes have doubts that make us feel confused. If you doubt your ability to make the vital decisions to embark on a new chapter in your life, imagine the following situation: if a bird sits in a cage for a very long time, it will begin to doubt its ability to fly. You also have wings, they are just weak for now. Train them a little. Give yourself space. And soon you will be able to fly again.

25. Great things take time

Find a way to increase operational efficiency by any means necessary. But you can rest assured that in order to achieve what you want, you will need to put in a lot of effort, no matter the good or hard times outside your window. There are, of course, success stories of people who made it to the top fast enough, but more often than not, you will meet those who worked hard for many years before they succeeded. In other words, their accomplishments today are flawless and sometimes difficult work for many years. So get ready each morning to go further than yesterday and fight harder than ever. It's not easy, but worth it.


Difficulties in life are actually a gift from fate. Because only when we are struggling with life's difficulties, we gain invaluable strength. It is she who leads us to the most profound and meaningful goals. Life is definitely difficult, but only we can make it better. We overcome difficulties precisely because life is difficult. It is within our power to change the situation and become significant.

Conflict resolution
Conflict resolution

So, never forget:

When times are tough, you have to get tougher to fight. Do not pray to God for an easy life, pray to Him to give you enough strength to get through hard times and meet wonderful ones.

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