SMART goals
SMART goals

How to increase the productivity of your life and achieve your goals? Here are some simple tips for setting SMART goals.

The method of setting SMART goals is perhaps the most famous in goal setting. If you've never used the SMART goal setting technique before, here are some simple tips to help you.

Step 1. Make a commitment

You need to make a conscious decision: you want your life to be filled with meaning. Set goals for yourself that you want to achieve. It takes enough willpower to say, “I am committed to achieving these goals. I will do it".

Step 2. Understand the importance

Understand why it is so important to have goals in life. If you are going to change something, you must understand why it is important to you. I want to have goals because I want to know where I am going; I want to get there; I want my life to be filled with meaning; I want to do something every day that brings me closer to the cherished result, to who I want to become when I grow up.

Step 3. Formulate a goal

Take the time to formulate your goal correctly. Find people you can work with. It is advisable that they can support you, so that you feel your responsibility to them, and your goal also affects their life. In most cases, the goal should be broken down into smaller tasks. Even if a goal is achievable, sometimes it can be too ambitious or complex to be achieved with a single effort.

Great future. How to make the future great?
Great future. How to make the future great?

Step 4. Break down the goal into objectives

The way to achieve a goal very often lies in solving a number of related problems. It is necessary to determine those tasks that lead to the achievement of the goal. You may need to reschedule dinner earlier so you have more time in the evenings so you can read to your children. Maybe you are tired of rereading the same books, then you need to go with the children to the library and take new ones. You may need to leave work earlier to spend more time at home. Now you will make choices every day that will determine whether you will achieve your goal. This is what helps you one step closer to making your dream come true: not only to set a goal, but also to take active steps to realize it. If you don’t identify specific actions to take to read a book to the children in the evening, that goal will become a source of stress for you and will negate your attempts to spend more time with your children. Make your goal achievable by planning the tasks that will help you achieve it.

Step 5. Plan

Set a time frame. For example: "I will leave this goal at the end of the year because December is going to be a good time for me to take action." For some, the financial year ends in the middle of the calendar, so June may be more suitable for them for this purpose. Determine the best time frame for yourself, but do not forget to involve everyone whose help you need. Then make a plan.

How to go from words to deeds?
How to go from words to deeds?

Step 6. Evaluate and Reevaluate

Control the situation, because you need to be sure that the implementation of goals is going according to plan. Review your goals periodically to make sure they still matter to you. No goal remains constant. Goals help you set direction and keep moving forward towards your vision of the future. When this picture changes, the goals also undergo changes. You adjust your daily activities to match your new goals and vision of who you want to become.

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