Diary of a nymphomaniac
Diary of a nymphomaniac

Girls think and have more sex than is commonly believed in society. What passions and secrets are hidden in modern girls? Short stories from the life of ordinary girls - nymphomaniacs.

I get excited when I rub the skin on my elbow with my fingers)

I have 20mm tunnels in my ears, once an ex-boyfriend told me that he would like to have my holes in my ears, and I just laughed, because I was sure that it would not fit. We never got to have sex, but I had to see him naked. Everything is so sad there that it would probably fit in freely.

Recently I started experimenting with different objects.. most of all I liked the mints in the pussy and ass and her in the vagina.. mmm this is magical … And what have you tried / experimented with?

I'm the guy's first and I have him too. We knew about sex only from porn))) Now each of our sex brings new discoveries. We listen to every sound, every squelch, sniff, taste … The guy loves to expand the vagina and look inside, I'm very surprised how much of me is flowing, and he also went nuts that there are hairs on my boobs))) In general, not sex, but laboratory research)))

Grandfather forbade walking in a swimsuit in the garden area, otherwise the guys got into the habit of climbing for apples, they broke the fence)

How to bring a girl to vaginal orgasm?
How to bring a girl to vaginal orgasm?

4 years married and good sex, but nothing to tell! Is it just me? There was absolutely nothing special to write about beautifully. ? The last crazy sex happened at 15 years old. A 14-year-old guy instead of a penis shoved a spoon into me, and I moaned like an actress in porn. Those were the emotions! Not like now. ?

I learned what sex is at 10-11, and how pleasant it was from the armrest by the chair) it was tough and insatiable) then when I got older, I fucked all the teddy bears and the duck. I also had a monkey whore, but I didn’t like her face. bears pizzhe)) and the duck, to be honest, is a kuni-goddess! thanks to her, I caught my first orgasm. from the age of 14 to this day, everything that is pushed into the cracks and holes is pushed. if you come to visit me you see any object, at least theoretically capable of getting into the vagina, then believe me, he has already been there)

Blyayayayayat !!!! again I'm in awe I cry or laugh !!! but what is wrong with me))))) I really read your stories start to strongly doubt myself in my vagina for 29 years except for male members, MEN fingers, tampons and a couple of sex toys, there was nothing else! I don’t shove toys there, I don’t jerk off with cucumbers or mashed potatoes and rustling bags! I don’t jerk off in principle! I finish with my man! Fuck! Something is wrong with me

How to bring a girl to a jet orgasm?
How to bring a girl to a jet orgasm?

When a guy does Cooney, he plugs his nose, before that I always go to the shower, it doesn't smell there, my nose clogs up even when he licks in the shower, he says that he does it sincerely and he wants to, how can I talk to him?

Sit down and talk, or lie down and talk, you can talk while standing, you can in the shower right after the process …

Are you worried that he will suffocate?

Buy him a special clothespin for swimming for 23, you will free 1 hand

I have been living with my ex-husband's ex-mistress for 14 years. We both have children with him, I have a son, she has a daughter. They came to terms with her on the basis of hatred of this goat, and since it was difficult to keep the child alone. At one time she worked, and I sat at home with the children. As the children went to school, I also got a job, or rather returned to my old one. Now, in principle, there is no longer a need to live together, but the habit is a strange thing. We hardly have sex, occasionally, about once a week, before it was more often. Now we mainly do it with a strapon, oral has faded into the background. True, on the May holidays, they slightly perverted, with dressing up, play rapes. But on weekdays everything is standard, as per the instructions. Pumpkin-pumpkin, orgasm and bainki. Anyway, I'm happy.

The guy makes me brush my teeth before blowjob to avoid food particles getting into the urethra. Is he a freak or what?

The most depraved stories that happened to people
The most depraved stories that happened to people

with a friend it was fun to whip yourself with an elastic band on the labia, so - you hold one tip, pull on the other and - grunt on your lips! 15 years have passed, and we still spank each other when we meet, on soft places)) All loyal friends and funny games)

Hello nymphs! I hasten to share an interesting story.

Brought home a new boyfriend. When they started having sex, he warned him a little embarrassedly that he ends up very quickly. How fast is it? Stuck in and finished. Of course, I did not like this situation, so I included a professional in myself and offered him a contract: 1000 rubles for each of my orgasms. The guy neighing and agreed.

At first, my stove was kind of hard to burn. For about twenty minutes he fucked me in doggy style and in a missionary position, and all at least henna for me. But then the blood drove where necessary, I began to orgasm. The guy kept puffing and puffing, along the way asking "Well, hop already?" 14 orgasms in 2 hours 40 minutes. ?

At the end of school, my father gave me an apartment. After graduation, she grabbed her friends and took them to her place. And if we are four of us, some incredible shit is bound to happen) This time we got drunk. Generally to hell. And they fucked each other on the floor (there is no furniture in the apartment yet). But the fucking thing is that one of the friends flew in) Which of the three fools impregnated her is the mystery of the century. It seems like there weren't any guys with us. The girlfriend is depressed. Planning an abortion)

How to make sex better? 7 tips for variety in sex
How to make sex better? 7 tips for variety in sex

The neighbor's son is a very well-mannered young man. Always says thank you for my orgasms.

- Seryozha, I already …

- Thank you, aunt Mash.

- Sergei, I again …

- Thank you, aunt Mash.

A real gentleman! There would be more of them.

My husband is terribly lop-eared, his ears stick out in different directions like a Cheburashka! When we make love, he is on top, the light from the chandelier shines through his ears and it becomes insanely funny to me! And once, during PMS, on the contrary, I felt sorry and I cried like a fool right during sex. I thought that no one would give him, except me …? It was a pity to tears! Cheburashkin's wife

Guys discussing girls throw phrases like: yabdul, ahuenna, would fuck, clear, zhahnul would, fuck, fuck, and so on. How do girls discuss the desired guy? Source: Diary of a nymphomaniac

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