How to avoid fatigue
How to avoid fatigue

No strength or energy at all? Feeling tired, shabby and worn out all the time? 12 simple tips on how to avoid fatigue and overwork.

Those who exercise for at least 20 minutes three times a week experience less fatigue.

Move three times a week

A tired person easily refuses even light physical activity, although they are the best medicine. Those who exercise for at least 20 minutes three times a week experience less fatigue, and if regular physical activity lasts six weeks, then their tone increases. These results were obtained by researchers at the University of Georgia (USA).

Even the smallest physical activity increases the efficiency of the heart and blood vessels, enriching the tissues with oxygen. A simple walk helps with fatigue.

Drink plenty of water

Already a 2% fluid deficit in the body reduces the energy balance of a person. If you do not drink enough water, then the blood thickens, and this complicates the work of the heart. Oxygen and nutrients travel more slowly to muscles and organs.

Sirpa Soini, an authorized nutritionist, suggests drinking 1.5-2 liters of liquid throughout the day. If you sweat profusely, you may need to drink more fluids.

“When doing physical activity, we must remember that every hour of active activity, you should drink 0.5 liters of liquid, and even more in the heat,” says Soini.

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Don't forget to have breakfast

Food is fuel for the body and brain. Waking up to sleep, you will feel that the brain is rested, but the body needs refueling.

After a long night, the body used up the food eaten the day before. Therefore, porridge loaded with grainy cottage cheese and berries, berry smoothies, chicken eggs or yogurt with fruits are a good alternative.

Drink less coffee

Coffee has an invigorating effect, but only to a certain extent. "Research shows that coffee is harmless in moderation, while it is a diuretic in large amounts, which can lead to fluid loss," says Soini.

Drinking a lot of coffee can disrupt the production of insulin in your body and cause fatigue. Excessive coffee drinking can cause sleep disturbances.

Some scientists believe that three cups of coffee a day is the maximum amount allowed.

Get Iron

Iron deficiency leads to weakness, fatigue, and absent-mindedness. Fatigue is due to the fact that less oxygen enters the cells and muscles.

Hemoglobin and myoglobin are responsible for the transport of oxygen in the body, which is the most important function of iron. Iron is supplied through fish and meat, and vitamin C is designed for better absorption.

Don't be overly demanding of yourself and others

Demandingness makes you work for a long time and with perseverance, which, in the end, can turn against you. Lowering the bar a little will make you more alert and allow you to achieve more.

Health-promoting habits
Health-promoting habits

Don't be overly responsible

Many studies show that responsibility is a trait that causes general fatigue. If you feel like you have to serve your employer, family, friends, or whoever needs your help, then you forget about yourself and about the sound allocation of your own resources.

Avoid excessive consumption of sugar and carbohydrates

Blood sugar becomes unstable from eating sugar and fast carbohydrates.

“High blood sugar causes fatigue. If the food is plentiful and you eat food with a high carbohydrate content, then blood sugar jumps. The serotonin released by the brain causes relaxation and the need for an afternoon nap,”says Sirpa Soini.

Naturally, a tired body requires sugar. “A bag of sweets or a glazed bagel can be substituted for fruits or vegetables because they are low in naturally occurring carbohydrates. A small amount of nuts can energize. You can satisfy your sweet tooth with berry smoothies.”

Keep your home and workplace clean

There are people who feel comfortable in the midst of confusion. And yet, clutter causes latent irritation, which has been proven by scientists at Princeton University, USA.

Clutter slows down the speed of information processing and forces the brain to work harder than it needs to. If children are taught to put away toys after play, then adults can also make it a rule to clean up their workplace and home at the end of the day.

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Remember the importance of vacation

If you constantly have to check your email even after work or on vacation, then this increases the risk of burnout syndrome. If you can put in neutral and rest. This will return you strength, energy and the joy of being.

Avoid alcohol abuse

Alcohol can help you sleep, but even a small dose can interfere with your sleep quality. Alcohol leads to an adrenaline rush. For this reason, sleep will be fleeting and hectic.

Don't use your computer before bed

How much can the use of tech aids before bedtime affect sleep quality? This is very individual. Some people are more sensitive to external stimuli.

If you want to have a good, high-quality sleep, you should avoid all kinds of devices at least two hours before going to the side.

Original publication: Mervi Juusola, Mervi Juusola, Kimmo Mantyla, Helsingin Sanomat

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