Walking whores
Walking whores

She loved to walk in a circle with 7 healthy men. Nymphomaniacs or whores are quite common in modern society.

Actually, in the nymphomaniacs themselves (in the common people - whores), I personally do not see anything bad. As a rule, these are girls who are quite intelligent, erudite and well-read. In general, they are most often united by the fact that they were brought up more by their father, and in childhood they were always more friends with boys than with girls. A part of the male worldview is firmly entrenched in the fucking brain, which is devoid of female prejudices and most often does not see obstacles to having sex soon in case of sympathy.

But the sluts who say that they walked up and now want a "normal family" are wildly enraged. For some reason, I immediately try to imagine how that goof should look like, which will go for months after the "whore walking up".

“He will never know that I used to love to walk in a circle in the company of 7 healthy men.”

Aha! That is, the sucker should be not only stupid, but also blind. And deaf.

Most of all, people do not like being held for idiots. No, well, really, what can you feel when, in response to your hints of sex, a girl says, "Well, I didn't see there." Perfectly! That is, some other incomprehensible guy fucked you, fucked you together with a friend, fucked with your girlfriend, fucked in the car and at the dacha with his parents. But with him it was kind of frivolous. And you, whom she considers as a future husband, making yourself a virgin, in order to get all the same, you will have to do some incredible "deeds"?

What Russian girls want
What Russian girls want

I think everyone is familiar with the phrase that Pushkin mentioned in his letters to Vyazemsky. "The dream of every Russian intellectual is a woman, undoubtedly intelligent, intelligent, cultured, educated, decent, interesting in communication, and at the same time in bed - a lustful female, and insatiable …"

When you know that everything that a man wants to get so much, another (in her words, deserving less attention than you) man has for some reason already received, and you have not yet, then a violent protest arises in the man's brain. And the motives for this protest are pretty clear.

In my opinion, whores are women who bought a one-way ticket. No, they didn't bury themselves, they just bought a one-way ticket. Girls, imagine: a friend introduces you to a very wealthy man, and she advertises him as not greedy, considerate and generous. It is well known that he bought your friend a necklace, your friend's friend - a ticket to the Seychelles. I bought a fur coat for one mistress, and helped another to pay off the loan. And his wife drives the fifth Behe. When he meets you, he tells you: I walked up, I want a serious, disinterested relationship. You are not like the others, I am planning to divorce my wife and start a relationship with you. So love me as I am. After all, a real, sincere relationship is based on understanding, attention, feelings and blah blah blah? And not on money / sex? Do you agree, honey?

Flirting correspondence with a girl: a list of messages
Flirting correspondence with a girl: a list of messages

If this were said by a first-year student who is guaranteed no money, I think this alignment would be quite attractive. Who doesn't want a serious relationship? But since this is said by a person who clearly has something to give - a ticket to fuck is guaranteed at least.

Girls, do you really think that this situation is somehow different from the so-called "walking whore syndrome"?

You say: but the body and money are two different things! How can they be compared!

You can, my dears! Considering the fact that money is much more difficult for a man in this mortal world than for a woman. But this is a separate topic.

So what should the whores do, the unlucky reader will ask once again? But nothing. To be youreself. Just as it is necessary for that rich man to be himself. Happiness will find him anyway (if his body, of course, is not completely swollen with fat). Guys are not fools, it is still perfectly visible who loves to fuck, and with you he only decided to "play". This alignment does not extremely predispose one iota to further communication - not to mention the relationship.

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