Never make excuses
Never make excuses

The main secret of strength, confidence and freedom in their actions lies in the attitude to their mistakes. The inner basis of human freedom and independence.

One very respected man once told me: "Never make excuses!"

And only after a while I began to understand the meaning of this expression. Only a weak and insecure person needs justification. After all, if you look at it, then an excuse is a desire to explain to others in every possible way that you are not at all to blame for what happened, you wanted to do it differently, but it turned out that way, or things were not at all like the others say. But why make excuses?

After all, there is nothing wrong with mistakes, but quite the opposite. Mistakes help and teach us. And in the end, everyone has the right to do it: make a mistake.

Much more important is how the person who made the mistake behaves. Here, perhaps, lies the main secret of strength and confidence, and, accordingly, freedom in his actions, for example, when he orders for his birthday the production of scenery exactly what he wanted.

Opinion of others

A strong and free person always believes himself more than the opinions of others. His own actions are more meaningful. And only the guilty person is justified or … the one who strongly depends on the opinion of others, and it is not a very rewarding business to depend on it.

One more point. When a person begins to make excuses, it looks very untenable from the outside. Justifying himself, he very much wants to be in the eyes of the interlocutor, or rather, so that the interlocutor thinks of him better than at the moment. He tries in every possible way to exalt himself above others. It is very much a moronic state to compare each of your actions with the opinions of others and worry about what they will say about it.

Tired of everything in life
Tired of everything in life

There is a very good poem:

When you stand in someone's circle

You will find your back to someone.

Whatever turns you make

There are not happy with you!

Well, if it’s simple: you’re guilty, admit it, and if not, then there’s no need to make excuses! Although only a free person can admit his wrong and wrong.

Well, to be in slavery from the opinions of others or to live by your own rules is everyone's choice!

"Never make excuses!" is the inner foundation of freedom and independence.

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