Success of millionaires
Success of millionaires

How to become financially independent, to achieve health, happiness and complete prosperity? Some principles of millionaires and their secrets of success.

Dream great

Dream great; only great dreams can touch human souls. Marcus Aurelius

The first secret of millionaires who made their own money is simple: dream great! Allow yourself to dream. Allow yourself to fantasize and fantasize about the life you would like to lead. Think about how much money you would like to make and have in your bank account.

All great men and women start out by dreaming of something wonderful and completely different from what they have today. One famous American song says: "If you want your dream to come true, you must have a great dream." These words are true not only for the lyric hero of the quoted verses, but also for you, as well as for any other person.

Imagine that there is no limit to who you can become, what you can have, or what you can do in life. For just one brief moment, imagine that you have all that time, all the money, all the education, all the experience, all the friends, all the contacts, all the resources and everything else you need to achieve what you want in life. If your potential was absolutely unlimited, what kind of life would you want to create for yourself and your family?

Practice thinking back from the future. This is a very powerful technique that is consistently used by high performing men and women. These kinds of thoughts have tremendous effects on your mind and on your behavior. This is how this method works. Move yourself five years into the future. Imagine that five years have passed and that your life is now perfect in every way. How she looks like? What are you doing? What's your job? How much money do you make? How much money do you have in your bank? What kind of life do you lead?

Create a long-term vision for yourself. The clearer the image of health, happiness and prosperity appears in your mind's eye, the faster you will move towards it all and the faster it will move towards you. When you paint a clear mental picture of what you are striving for in life, you will become more positive, more motivated, and more determined to work towards making those goals a reality. You will unleash your natural creativity at once and come up with tons of ideas that will help your vision, your great dream, come true.

Every person inevitably has a tendency to move in the direction of his dominant dreams, images and visions. Each time you allow yourself to dream great things, you really increase your self-esteem, strengthen your self-esteem, and help you to like yourself more and respect yourself more. Dreaming like this improves your self-image and builds your self-confidence. They lead to an increase in your personal level of self-esteem, as well as a sense of inner worth and happiness. There is something about lofty dreams and great visions that inspires us and stimulates us to act and be better than ever before.

There is one critical question that you must ask yourself over and over again and give an unambiguous answer to it: "What is the one thing that I would dare to dream of if I knew that I surely would not fail?"

If you were given the fullest guarantee of success in achieving any one goal in life - large or small, near or long-term - what would it be? What is the one great goal that you would dare to dream of if you knew for sure that you will not fail?

Whatever your aspiration is, write it down and begin to imagine that this great goal has already been achieved by you. Now look back to the time and state of where you are today. What do you need to do in order to get to where you want to be? What steps should you take? What should you change in your life? Where to start and what to give up? Who would you be there with? Who wouldn't be with you anymore? If your life was perfect in every way, what would it look like? Regardless of what exactly needs to be done differently, take the first step today.

Dreaming great is the starting point for achieving your goal of financial independence. The number one reason most people never achieve material success is this: It never occurs to them that they can do it. As a result, such individuals never even try. They are not trying to get to the start of this race. In matters of money, they continue to beat around the bush, squandering everything they earn, and even a little more. But when you have big dreams of financial success, your perception of yourself and your life will begin to change at the same time. You will begin to do completely different things and begin to act - little by little, little by little, until the whole direction of your life changes for the better. Dreaming great is the starting point for achieving financial success and becoming a self-made millionaire.

How much is a dream worth: to envy or achieve a goal at any cost
How much is a dream worth: to envy or achieve a goal at any cost

Effective exercise

Make a list of everything that you would do or try to do if you were completely guaranteed success. Then make a decision about one specific action and take it immediately.

Success Secret 2. Develop a Clear Sense of Direction

A person with a clear goal will advance even on the most difficult road. A person without any goal will not advance along the smoothest road. Thomas Carlyle

Take your dreams out of thin air and crystallize them into clear, concrete, and written goals. Perhaps the greatest discovery in human history is this: "You will become what you think about the most." The two factors that most determine what exactly will happen to you in life, compared to everything else, are: what do you think about the most and how do you think about it.

Successful people spend most of their time thinking about their goals. As a result, they are continuously moving towards these goals, and their goals are continuously moving towards them. Whatever thing you think about a significant part of the time, the role of this thing in your life will certainly grow and increase. If you constantly think about your goals, talk about them and visualize them, then the likelihood increases that you will achieve much, much more in life than the average person who usually thinks and talks about his various concerns and problems most of the time. ā€¦

Here's a simple seven-step process for setting and achieving goals - a procedure you can use to become a millionaire as well.

First, decide exactly what you want in every area of your life, especially finance. Most people never do this.

Second, write down your goals clearly and definitely on paper. When you put your goals in writing, there is an amazing spark that jumps between your head and hand.

Third, set a deadline for each goal. If a goal is serious enough, set milestones for it. Set yourself benchmarks to strive for.

Fourth, make a list of everything you can think of as the actions you will need to take to achieve each of the goals. If you have new ideas, add them to your list until it's final.

Fifth, transform your list into an action plan. Establish what you intend to do first and what you intend to accomplish later. Decide which is more important and which is less.

Sixth, immediately start taking concrete actions in accordance with the outlined plan. It is extremely surprising how many wonderful goals and plans have never been realized due to delays and delays.

Seventh, and perhaps most importantly, do something every day that moves you at least one step closer to achieving your most important goal. This commitment to daily action will enable you to achieve true success in whatever endeavor you choose to take on.

Here's an exercise for you. Take a piece of paper, write today's date on top, and write the word "Goals." Then make a list of ten goals that you would like to achieve over the next twelve months. Write down your goals in the present tense - as if the year has passed and you have already achieved everything you planned. Begin each goal with the word ā€œIā€ to give it a personal touch.

Once you have compiled a list of ten goals for the next year, you will immediately fall into the exclusive group, which in American society consists of only 3 percent of the adult population. The sad fact is that 97 percent of adult citizens in the country have never made a list of personal goals in their entire life.

Once your list of ten goals is ready, go through it, asking yourself the following key question: "Which of the goals on this list will have the greatest positive impact on my life after achieving it?"

Having answered this question somehow, circle the indicated goal and make it your first number, that is, the most important goal for the future. Set a deadline for it, make a plan, take specific actions in accordance with that plan, and do something every day that will move you closer to that goal.

From now on, think and speak for this goal all the time. Think and talk about how you can achieve the stated goal. Think and talk about all the different steps you can take to make this goal a reality. This exercise will stimulate your creative spirit, build up your energetic charge, and gradually unlock more and more of your potential.

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Effective exercise

Always think on paper. Sit down and start sketching out your goals, as well as creating a plan for achieving them. This exercise alone can make you a self-made millionaire.

Success Secret 3. Do What You Love To Do

Once you start doing what you really love to do, you will never be overworked in your life.

Brian Tracy

Doing what you love to do is perhaps the biggest secret to financial success. One of your most important tasks in life is to find what you really enjoy doing, what gives you pleasure, what you have a natural talent for, and then put your whole heart into doing this particular job, and not just doing it well. but very good.

Self-made millionaires are those people who have found a field where their natural abilities and strengths are exactly what is required to do the job and to achieve the desired results in it. Most millionaires who have earned their own money say that they "have not worked a single day in their lives." You must find an area that can fully engage you - a job or an area of effort where you will be fascinated and carried away, where your attention will be focused and unbreakable, where all work will be a natural expression of your particular talents and abilities.

When you do what you love to do, you seem to experience a continuous rush of inspiration, energy and ideas about how to do your current job even better. I have a question for you: if you were lucky enough to get a million dollars in tax exemption tomorrow, would you continue to do what you are doing now?

This is the most important question. In fact, I'm asking you what would you do if you had all the time and money you need and were free to choose your occupation. Now, if a million dollars in cash fell from the sky onto a millionaire who made his own money, he would continue to do what he is doing today. He simply would have done it either differently, or better, or at a higher level. But such people love their job so much that they would not even think about changing it or retiring or retiring.

Perhaps the biggest challenge you face in adulthood, where there are so many different career and career choices around you, is to figure out what you really love to do and then devote yourself to that field. And no one else can do it for you.

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Effective exercise

Find out what kind of work gives you the most pleasure. What activities have contributed most to your success in life so far? If you had the opportunity to do any job and do it successfully, what would you choose for yourself? Set this activity as your goal, make a plan, and start moving in that direction today.

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