Information about manhood
Information about manhood

The most frequently asked questions about manhood are: average size, causes of poor erections, curvatures, genes, circumcision, masturbation and vasectomy.

The part of the male body that gives women sexual and, for some, visual pleasure. What do we not know about the penis?

The penis can be broken

No matter how funny it sounds, it's a fact! Typically, this can happen with very vigorous sex. The consequences can be dire - this is erectile dysfunction.

Smoking is the cause of decreased potency

Smoking is one of the causes of blood clots in the arteries, including those that fill the penis with blood when aroused. Therefore, smokers risk more than others.

The penis "controls" the man

An erection occurs at the command of the brain. In addition to an erection, hormonal release occurs in the body, as a result of which some parts of the brain are blocked. This blockage occurs individually for everyone, so the reaction can be different: from a gently romantic state to aggressive and even manic manifestations.

Circumcision affects potency

It is a myth. None of the studies found a direct link between circumcision and potency.

All penises are the same length

This is almost true. The usual penis length is 7-8 cm at rest and 10-12 cm when erect. But, as in everything, there are exceptions, both upward and downward.

What part of a woman's body does a man ejaculate at the end of sex?
What part of a woman's body does a man ejaculate at the end of sex?

They have curvatures

The vast majority of penises are indeed curved when erect. If the penis has significant curvature, then this may already be an anomaly.

"Gena" is not to blame

Paradoxically, the question of size, shape and length is completely independent of genetic predisposition. The penis is formed during fetal development.

Men are programmed to ejaculate quickly

The true purpose of intercourse is procreation. Only in the process of human evolution, men learned to control this process, giving pleasure not only to themselves.

Vasectomy is the safest method of contraception

After sterilization, a man retains sexual behavior: libido, erection, ejaculation. However, due to the fact that after the operation, active spermatozoa remain in the man's genital tract, complete sterilization is achieved only after the man has 15-20 ejaculations after the operation.

The size of the penis depends on the size of the feet

There is no direct relationship between the size of the penis and the size of the arms, legs, nose, ears. The saddest thing is that the size of the wallet also does not affect the size of the genital organ. Unless, of course, its owner resorted to surgical intervention.

Masturbation allows you to increase the size

Masturbation, or masturbation, does not affect the size in any way. It's just a way to relieve sexual tension on your own.

Penis shrinks with age

Unfortunately, age is the biggest enemy of the penis. Aging is the main cause of impotence. Active having sex after 40 can postpone this event. So have sex!

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