A killer compliment
A killer compliment

How to lay down an interlocutor with one compliment? To strike up a friendship or even an affair? Think of your tongue as a deadly weapon to register like a pistol. Lay them down in the first round

Want to have a little trick in hand to help you strike a deal, friendship, or even romance right away? I will give it to you, but only if you are careful. Once you have mastered this method, consider your tongue a deadly weapon to register like a pistol. The technique is called "Slaughter Compliment".

He was born one fine evening, a few years ago, when my neighbor Christina and I had just returned home from guests. Taking off my coat, I noticed a stupid smile on my friend's face, and absent-mindedness in her eyes.

Christina, are you all right? I asked.

Yeah,”she cooed,“I'm going to date that guy.

With boyfriend? What kind of guy?

How, don't you know? - she reproached me for lack of understanding. - The one who said that I have beautiful teeth.


That evening, passing by the bathroom, where Christina washed before going to bed, I accidentally saw her at the mirror. Grinning and shaking her head from side to side, she brushed each tooth in turn. And all this time she did not take her eyes off the mirror, meticulously examining each of her treasures, which were praised by a new adorer. I realized that the guy who paid Christine such an unusual compliment made her happy - and thereby made a killer impression. This is how the “Slaughter compliment” technique was born.

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Why are the girls leaving? Why do men become exes?

What is a killer compliment? This is the ability to say something nice about a very personal and specific quality that you have noticed from someone. A killer compliment has nothing to do with phrases like "I like your tie" or "You are so cute." The first is not personal enough, and the second is not specific enough. As an example of a killer compliment, you can cite the statement: “What amazing eyes you have” (very specific) or “You feel amazing sincerity” (very personal).

Since it is quite difficult to decide on a killer compliment for the first time, conducting seminars, I lure it out of the participants by cunning. Somewhere in the middle of the program, I ask everyone to close their eyes and think about the partner in the previous exercise. Then I say: "Now remember some attractive feature of appearance or character that you noticed in your partner." And I warn you: “Not necessarily the one that you have to beat. Maybe he has a pretty smile or a mischievous twinkle in his eyes. Maybe a sense of peace or security comes from him. Do you remember?"

And then, like a butt on the head: “Good. Now find your partner and tell him about the wonderful quality that you noticed. " What? Tell him? From this thought alone, people's legs grow to the floor. But then they, one after another, bravely look for a partner and weigh out their killer compliment. When people hear a stranger say, “You have beautiful hands,” or “You have such keen brown eyes,” joy fills the room. Explosions of laughter are heard from every corner. Now in front of me is a sea of smiles and shining eyes. Everyone is happy to receive such a personal, killer compliment. And everyone has a friendly feeling towards the author.

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A killer compliment

Whenever you talk to a stranger whom you would like to make part of your personal or professional future, each time notice that they have one attractive, specific, and one-of-a-kind trait. At the end of the conversation, look him straight in the eyes, call him by name and strike him down with a killer compliment.

A killer compliment: instructions for the user

A killer compliment is like a firearm. If not used properly, it can misfire or explode in your hands. Here are the instructions that come with this powerful weapon.

Rule 1: A deadly compliment should be done in private. If, being in the company of four or five people, you notice the harmony of one of the women, everyone else will feel like elephants. If you tell one of the men that he has great posture, everyone else will feel like hunchbacks. In addition, due to your fault, the blushing recipient of the compliment will feel uncomfortable.

Rule 2: Your killer compliment must be believable. For example, a bear stepped on my ear. If I have to sing even the simplest song, like “Happy Birthday to you,” it resembles the screeching of a sick pig. So, if any of those around me were stupid, thinking to praise my voice, I would immediately understand that this is vile hypocrisy.

Rule 3: With each interlocutor, use killer compliments no more than once every six months. Otherwise, you run the risk of being branded as an insincere, fawning, obsequious sycophant who is trying to get into trust. Don't overdo it.

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If you choose your target carefully, a killer compliment will win over anyone. But it works best when you use it wisely on new acquaintances.

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