Theoretical troops
Theoretical troops

All such belligerent, proud, jaw a meter forward, chest wheel, Hollywood look. Everyone imagines himself Rambo, but how true is this? Rambo, damn it, I'm surrounded. All such belligerent, proud, jaw a meter forward, a wheel-like chest, a Hollywood look … Balabol people got tired of it!

- Yes, for this in the face should be given, - says one friend.

Here you, damn it, have ever been responsible for your words? At least once, without hesitation, gave someone in the face?

- I would knock out all my teeth for this, - another comrade supports one of her friends.

Have you ever fought in your life? Skinny, blown away by the wind, manicured fingers and highlighted bangs … Would you knock out someone's teeth?

Theoretical troops
Theoretical troops

- I will rip her out! I’ll break my birth, I’ll break my hands! - the other is boiling.

Yeah, and in half an hour on the phone you will be cooing with her and declaring your love …

People, are you out of your mind? Such things to say about your friends, relatives, comrades! Why speak behind the eyes of something that you will never do? Try it, go for it - maybe it’s just your teeth that will be knocked out and the holes pulled out! In the meantime - zadolbali.

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