An affair with a married woman
An affair with a married woman

We live in an almost free and depraved world. There are more advantages than disadvantages in a relationship with a married woman. Do you want to tickle your nerves with an affair with a married woman?

An affair with a married woman - is it worth a try? In a relationship with a married woman, there are more pluses than minuses, unless, of course, the man was brought up in the spirit of knightly romances, and marriage for him is the holy of holies. Do not forget that we live in an almost free country where everyone has the right to choose, and if a married lady wants to tickle her nerves with an affair on the side, no one has the right to forbid her. In addition, it is believed that this can be beneficial for marriage.

So what are the advantages here. Men who are experienced in such matters note the following advantages:

1. A married woman will not "hover her brain", which is inevitable in the case of a relationship with a free girl. If you want to leave in the past all these every minute calls, messages, constant monitoring of the Internet page in search of the slightest compromising evidence and clarification of the relationship - you are here. When a woman appreciates the confidentiality of a relationship, all of the above is reduced to a minimum, and only pleasant meetings remain as the main dish.

2. Will not require gifts and excessive expenses. This is already a matter of taste, upbringing and prosperity - someone likes to spend money on their passion, someone simply does not have it (as in the case if the lover is married himself). One thing is clear here for sure, a married lady will not demand to shower her with gifts and take her to Cyprus, because this way you can easily "get burnt". She needs a man for other purposes.

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3. Relationships are classified as "secret" - a woman in marriage is extremely interested in this. If a married man enters into such a relationship, the last thing he wants is an eccentric girl, screaming into the phone to his wife "let him go, now he loves me." And in general, such a madam will not talk too much. A very smart move.

4. If a young and not very experienced guy has an affair with a married woman, he gets a partner experienced in love affairs and a relationship of a completely different level. The contrast with young girlfriends disappearing in clubs or on the internet will be colossal. And the authority among friends will skyrocket if the guy turns out to be chatty.

5. And the last - there is an opportunity to get the passion of free relationships in one set with the warmth and comfort of home life. A caring married woman will be able to guess all desires, because there are no longer any secrets in a relationship for her. And with a lover on the side, she will be able to realize all her sexual fantasies, which she would be afraid to reveal to her husband.

And do not forget that the final layer of this dessert is extreme, which is so rare in everyday life. Therefore, if all the thoughts are left behind, and the person will definitely not regret such a decision, you need to dare, and the thrill is guaranteed.

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