10 incentives for a healthy lifestyle
10 incentives for a healthy lifestyle

Many people dream of leading a healthy lifestyle and having a fit body. But not everyone succeeds. A little bit of motivation that will make you live a healthy lifestyle.

Many of us dream of a healthy lifestyle and a fit body, but again and again abandon this idea, using various excuses. Why is this happening and what to do about it?

Your inner voice resists and constantly repeats:

1. A new sports life is associated with great difficulties. What will I wear? Where will I train and when? Which is better: running or doing fitness in the studio? Do I need to sign up for a course there? Do I have to become a member of the club and how expensive is it?

2. I just don't have time! Regular training does not fit into my busy everyday life at all. Every time my cell phone rings, my conscience torments me - shouldn't I be sitting at my desk now? This is stressful!

3. Pedaling is tedious. I hardly sweat because the load is ridiculous at first. My ass hurts, every muscle aches, and I count the minutes when it will finally end.

4. I am embarrassed to train. I am ashamed because I see athletic, fit people around. With my belly, I cannot appear in any fitness studio, and on the street I am constantly overtaken by young parents running in the morning with baby carriages.

Why can't I lose weight?
Why can't I lose weight?

Drive away such thoughts. And here are 10 tips to get you started on a regular workout routine.

1. Face it. Strip naked and stand in front of the mirror - are you happy with what you see? No? Put on cycling shorts - and on the ergometer!

2. Take a photo. Print a photo and stick it in your self-control journal. Under it, write your original grade.

3. Keep a self-control diary on a regular basis. This will help you keep track of your successes and failures. By analyzing your "good deeds", you get the necessary motivation for the next steps.

4. Maintain the set rhythm. Make your workout a daily ritual. Postpone for tomorrow? Forbidden! After all, you want to be in shape, and this is achieved only by systematic training (with the exception of rest days set in the weekly plan, or forced pauses due to illness.

5. Create a mood for your workout. Cut out slogans from fitness magazines and post them around the house. Paste on bathroom mirror, computer monitor, refrigerator door, etc. notes with motivating phrases (for example: "Before Christmas I will weigh less than 75 kg!") and your daily fitness program (for example: 30 minutes walk before breakfast, in the evening, 2 × 20 minutes on the ergometer, then stretching!).

6. Get out your old jeans. Squeeze into them and say to yourself: "In three weeks I will button the button again!"

7. Do it like the stars. Madonna, Tom Cruise, Jennifer Lopez & Co. have personal trainers who regularly motivate them. You also need a coach like that. Have a friend or girlfriend participate in your workouts. They will force you to gather your strength when your inner lazy animal squeezes through the door …

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What if you get very tired? How to get rid of chronic fatigue and lethargy in 4 steps?

8. Fight excuses. It's raining? Well?.. Enjoy the freshness. Or imagine my favorite poster hanging in my bathroom: a runner in the pouring rain. Text below: "I know one warm sunny place, where a soft wind rustles quietly in shady palm groves - where all these eternal seconds train."

9. Don't forget to measure your heart rate. Before every workout, check your baseline heart rate - it's an important indicator of stress and other negative influences, as well as your level of fitness.

ten. In addition to your self-study diary, draw a spreadsheet in which you will enter the duration and type of workout daily. Motivation will grow incredibly as the number of unfilled cells decreases.

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