A little about self-love
A little about self-love

It's time to love yourself more. It is important not only to watch your body, but also to be attentive to your thoughts and behavior. The path to understanding yourself.

Liz Burbo is a philosopher, writer, mentor and founder of Listen to Your Body. For more than 30 years, a student of Louise Hay has been teaching people to be in harmony with themselves, cope with anger and get rid of guilt, and recognize the sources of ailments. The path to understanding yourself goes through love. The one who loves himself, allows himself to be an ordinary person, does not demand the impossible, makes requests and accepts help.

List of manifestations of self-love. They are divided into psychological, physical and mental. Because for love it is important not only to watch your body, but also to be attentive to your thoughts and behavior.

Be mindful of your diet

Please note: when a person gets sick, the first thing that doctors do is correct the diet, introduce useful and remove harmful products. Any food should help your body, give it useful substances and energy. There are many schools of nutrition - some offer a plant-based diet, others vegetarianism in combination with dairy products. The point is not which school of nutrition you choose, but for what purpose. Are you giving up croissants out of fear of gaining weight or a desire to benefit your body? Eating a strict diet may not improve your health, but it is bound to create guilt if you break your diet. Everything that a person eats should be eaten with love for oneself, then the food will restore the natural energy of the body.

How not to be cattle? How not to be a collective farmer?
How not to be cattle? How not to be a collective farmer?

Find new flavor combinations

Food is one of the manifestations of enjoying life. Let yourself enjoy the taste. After all, in order to understand life, you need to discern its taste. Try to diversify your taste sensations. In the world there is not only sweet, but also bitter, salty, sour, spicy. There are dishes with complex flavors, many herbs, spices and seasonings. By the way, a person who perceives different taste sensations improves their ability to receive sexual pleasure.

Start Your Day With Exercise

Why do so many people ignore the advice to exercise and lead a healthy lifestyle? The motivation is wrong. Doing sports today in order to possibly avoid cardiovascular diseases in the future - who cares? A more compelling motivation is to do something good for your body because you love it. If you are a sloth and cannot jog or do a full workout in the morning, start your morning with a basic stretching. Stand straight, stretch your head up, straighten your spine, spread your arms out to the sides and back, opening your chest, and start the day with a full breath. According to Liz Burbo (trauma specialist), a pinched chest is a sign of trauma in the rejected. Therefore, breathing exercises and minimal stretching are good for treating mental trauma. When you are in the fresh air, try to breathe deeply for about five minutes, concentrating on your breathing. Conscious, even breathing allows you to calm your thoughts, relieve tension and stay in silence.

Do I need to change or stay myself
Do I need to change or stay myself

Walk more

And not just anywhere, but in nature, away from sources of noise, harmful radiation and the urban technosphere. It is very important to find a quiet corner where you can walk on foot, a park or square near your home, a river bank or a lake. Find something beautiful, admire a flower, watch birds, play with children. It is doubly important to walk and breathe fresh air for people who are constantly indoors, in the office, and lead a sedentary lifestyle. Don't wait for diseases to come. Not for the sake of future salvation, but out of love for yourself today, give your lungs a little oxygen and your legs a little physical activity.

Wear colored clothing

People suffering from the trauma of injustice or rejection get used to wearing black. They are fenced off from the outside world, forgetting that thereby they do not allow the world to perceive and understand them. All living things have their own color, each color has its own energy. We absorb the energy of color while admiring the beauty of nature, putting on colored clothes, choosing colored food. If we were surrounded only by black, we would have nowhere to take energy. Start wearing colored clothes, combine bright or gentle tones, green, purple, pink, purple, and you will notice how the mood and attitude of others towards you will improve.

Be in the sun more often

For all living things, the Sun is a source of life, light, energy, strength, heat. It would seem that there could be more natural than enjoying the sun's rays. But no, a person living in a metropolis spends 11 months a year indoors, and burns to burns in the remaining month of vacation. Reasonable, dosed exposure to the sun speaks of the ability to build harmonious relationships. Sun abuse speaks of a desire to force events to achieve their goal. By the way, 98% of sunlight enters the body through the eyes, filling the body with energy, and only the remaining two percent penetrates the body through the skin.

There are no easy ways
There are no easy ways

Allow yourself small pleasures

The traumatized person limits his needs - declares that he does not need anything. Don't limit yourself to physical pleasures. Make purchases sometimes, not because they are necessary, but because they make you happy. Start the day by saying, "What can please me today?" This is not necessarily a thing, perhaps it is an unplanned meeting with a friend, a walk, an appointment for a massage or a visit to the salon, perhaps a book that you have wanted to read for a long time. Such small and large pleasant events develop the ability to better feel your body.

Drink plenty of water

If you are not thirsty, then the body no longer tells you about its needs. Perhaps this is because you are not listening to him. You need to drink constantly, two or three sips. We are talking about clean water, not juices and drinks. Only clean water is involved in metabolism and helps to cleanse the acid that enters the body with food.

Be attentive to your thoughts

What events do you think about more often - desirable or undesirable? If before going to bed you think about the events of the past day, remember grievances, or think about a person who has treated you unfairly, you are experiencing your pain alone. It is very important to remain the master of your thoughts and feelings, to protect yourself from negative information that comes from people, their words, actions or your negative expectations. You can never control what other people think or say. But you are able to be the master of your thoughts and your words.

Useful tips for all occasions: 80 useful life hacks
Useful tips for all occasions: 80 useful life hacks

Start thanking

Thank you is the magic word. How many times a day do you say it? You need to thank not only other people, but also yourself. Usually, perfectionists rarely praise themselves. People with the trauma of the rejected, forced to constantly do something outstanding and expecting the praise of others. Stop, praise yourself for any job, not just titanic work. Start by being happy with yourself, happy with the way you look, happy with your job. Thanks to me. Unusual? Give yourself a reminder to compliment yourself every hour. Before going to bed, be sure to thank yourself for three things - actions, new thoughts, a kind impulse, or the right reaction.

Turn disadvantages into advantages

If you have negative qualities, replace them with good ones. For example, a person speaks quickly and responds quickly. But he thinks quickly and is able to react instantly. Indispensable quality during the deadline. Too irascible? But frank and does not hold a stone in his bosom. Want to control everything? So responsible. Did you delegate a lot of tasks to others? This means that he knows how to persuade and delegate authority. If there is a quality that manifests itself as a flaw in your behavior, find a positive side in it and start developing it. Gradually, you will learn to use the annoying trait to your advantage. And she will become your forte.

Learn to speak your mind

Talk about your feelings - if it will help you get rid of the worries. Talking about your feelings so that others can understand you is wrong. No one can fully understand the other, is not required to understand and is often unable to understand. The other person can listen and react. Or maybe not listen. Anyone has the right to disagree with you, just like you have the right to have an opinion. Learn to say no, and then you can calmly accept the rejection. Don't expect others to react like you. (Unfortunately, statements like “I would never do that” are not uncommon.) If a person says “no,” they are not rejecting you, they are simply expressing their limitations and their needs or their interests. If you were denied an important request, this means that you will definitely receive help, but only from another person who will be happy to provide you with a service. If you can give with love, start receiving with love. Don't refuse help just because you can handle it yourself. Don't reject people and what they have to offer you.

How to understand yourself?
How to understand yourself?

Don't take life too seriously

It's easy, you just have to try: laugh more, make fun of yourself, let go of unwanted situations (it will pass by itself) and not be so important. And do not be offended, because we are all imperfect, just people. It is impossible to control everything. You cannot control other people, the consequences of actions, you cannot always get exactly what you expected. Difficulty controlling your thoughts and reactions. In essence, any conflict boils down to the formula: someone did or something happened not the way I wanted. Something is not going my way, but in its own way. Let go of difficult situations, smile, laugh, and you will break away from resentment thoughts, memories and expectations. You will be able to plunge into a happy, unclouded "here and now." Remember the famous prayer: "Lord, give me reason and peace of mind to accept what I am unable to change, the courage to change what I can, and the wisdom to distinguish one from the other." If we cannot change circumstances, we can change our attitude towards them. Keep it simple.

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