Office debauchery
Office debauchery

Office sympathies often cross the line and intrigues begin. A little story about office debauchery in one firm. Information for thought about work, morality and debauchery.

The well-known saying "Don't love where you live and where you work." Already out of date. The fast-paced life sets new standards. You need to squeeze time and do a lot, including arranging your intimate life. And here is work, beauties flaunting revealing outfits, with a Turkish tan that has not yet been washed off.

To be honest, people are in no hurry to get married now. There is, of course, love-carrots, there are connections that turn into normal monogamous families.

But modern commodity-money relations, difficulties with housing, an elementary fear of responsibility and a lack of desire to start a serious relationship. The people are hanging out.

To have sex for health, to disperse the blood in a small basin for girls, how to go to a fitness club. Office sympathies often cross the line and intrigues begin.

Ladies over 25, who have not known the bonds of marriage, consider themselves to be old maidens, by the time they are 30 they generally go all out. The peasants are good too. The wife is not a wall for them.

And then what is commonly called "office play" happens, you cannot throw out the words from the song. At work, the authorities no longer pay attention to this, they themselves get confused because the fruit is sweet. Teambuildings and corporate parties only speed up the process of sweet decomposition.

Dirty pickup phrases: 170 examples of tackling girls
Dirty pickup phrases: 170 examples of tackling girls

Essno people know who spikes whom, gossip about this namba one is in the top of smokers.

So our figurants. While we start with the girls, we will go through the peasants separately.

The names have been changed, the real prototypes are taken from the last two of my works.

Katya, 27 years old, married for 3 years, office manager, general secretary, translator from Italian. 170 cm, third breast size, hair color varies, usually smooth epilated everywhere. Happy in marriage, mother-in-law and father-in-law are well-off, she changes clothes every day.

He sleeps with a gendir - a cheerful bald bun of an undetermined age. The whole company knows about it. They often go on long joint business trips. Very good relationship with the wife of the Gennidir. Almost girlfriends.

Sveta. Manager. 25 years. 168 cm, chest between two and three, gorgeous figure, long slender legs. Natural blonde. Single. At first I got into trouble with one of the regional officials. It was going to the wedding. Then she came to the attention of the married warehouse manager. A passionate romance began. The boss promised to leave his family, marry, mountains of gold, fur coats, Canary Islands. After six months, he ignores her. Sveta roars like a beluga, you can't find a new job.

Lena. Economist. 26 years. Hair color varies. Height 158 cm. Blonde with the fifth breast size. A little overweight, but keeps fit all the time with fitness. Nymphomaniac. Epilation in the form of a strip. I went through all the middle managers, when I went to the founders by a strong-willed decision of the management, I was fired from work. Received gifts from patrons. Loves jewelry. Dances well. According to rumors in her youth, she worked part-time go-go girls. Until now, he is not averse to muddying up old connections, but he already wants to get married.

Don't do bad sex
Don't do bad sex

Karina. Manager. 28 years. Tall slender brunette. She divorced after it became known about her affair with the 46-year-old driver of the company. Before that, she gave the impression of being inaccessible, she was not allowed to talk in principle. Often used as an example. The driver sent her in an attempt to start a serious relationship, justifying himself with his sick wife, but regularly drives Karina in unknown directions.

For a snack.

Oleg. 38 years. Height 175 cm. Normal build, if not for a beer belly. Married 16 years, daughter 14, son a year. An exemplary family man. The deputy works. chief engineer.

Once a month with Masha (31) and Katya (33), his co-workers go to the Orange Hotel, where they have group sex. Drunk sometimes shows pictures of an orgy.

You probably have stories too.


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