The thoughts of Elbert Hubbard
The thoughts of Elbert Hubbard

The wise thoughts of the American businessman and writer Albert Hubbard. About friendship, truth, criticism, women, happiness and gentlemen. The best expressions and quotes by Albert Hubbard:

Atlas could not hold the world if he thought about its size.

There was a man who thought he was taller than me; and he was taller than me until he began to think so.

A widow who marries a second time does not deserve her happiness.

Genius has its limits; stupidity is free from such restrictions.

Girls, religion, words, art, and politics are good if taken in moderation, but bad if taken in overdose.

The business of the government is to make any government superfluous, just as smart parents teach their children to do without them.

If you have nothing to answer your opponent, all is not lost: you can tell him what you think of him.

If you want a job done well, find a busy person; everyone else has no time.

A woman brought a man out of paradise, and only a woman can bring him back to paradise.

Others are able, without doing anything, to appear so busy that they are considered indispensable.

Is he sincere? Probably not, if he constantly asks this question, whoever it comes to.

Each of us is a fool for at least five minutes a day; the wisdom is not to exceed the limit.

Human vital values
Human vital values

Comedy can be played alone. For melodrama, two are needed, and for tragedy, three.

He who does no more than what he is paid for will never get more than what he gets.

Whoever does not understand your silence will hardly understand your words.

People are not punished for their sins, but by the sins themselves.

Small minds are interested in the extraordinary; the greats are the most common.

A man is as good as it is required of him, and a woman is as bad as she has the courage.

Don't be a slave to the law - be the law.

Don't take life too seriously. You still can't get out of it alive.

Never make excuses. Your friends don't need it, and your enemies won't believe it anyway.

No one needs a vacation as much as someone who has just returned from vacation.

One machine can do the work of five ordinary people; no machine can do the job of one extraordinary person.

Desperate to become happy and powerful and torment others, we invent conscience and torment ourselves.

True loneliness is the presence of a person who does not understand you.

Many people's reputation would cross the street if they happened to meet.

The worst thing about drugs is that either drug pulls the other along.

Laugh with others, not at others.

The preacher's troubles are not much more successful than the chase of a celluloid dog after an asbestos cat in hellfire.

Iron nerves. 15 ways to find nerves of steel
Iron nerves. 15 ways to find nerves of steel

If you want to avoid criticism, don't do anything, don't say anything and be nothing.

The worst mistake you can make in life is being afraid to make a mistake all the time.

The goal of training is to teach you how to do without a teacher.

The church is saving sinners, and science is looking for ways to stop their production.

To do a big and important job, two things are needed: a clear plan and a limited time.

I have never heard of a person who quit living because of the high cost of living.

At the hippodrome, only one person does not lose - with a broom and a shovel.

A miracle is an event described by people who have heard about it from those who have not seen it.

Administrator: a person who makes quick decisions - and sometimes the right ones.

Time: universal fixer and thinner.

Genius: Any person whose birthday is widely celebrated about a century after being crucified, burned, stoned, or otherwise killed.

Pharisee: A person who has more piety than he needs for his own use.

Philosopher: one who formulates his prejudices and codifies his ignorance.

Man: the crown of Creation; and who said that?

Genius: The ability to do something right the first time.

Gentleman: A person who is friendly with those who have no friends.

Diplomat: a person whose “maybe” means “no”, as opposed to a woman who “maybe” means “yes”.

Home: the place where you go to change in order to go somewhere else.

How to find the strength to act: 16 ways to decide on a change in life
How to find the strength to act: 16 ways to decide on a change in life

Friend: a person who knows everything about us and yet loves us.

Truth: An imaginary line dividing the error in two.

Truth: a prejudice that has managed to become an axiom.

Competition: the life of commerce and the death of merchants.

Conservative: A person too cowardly to fight and too fat to run.

Troubles: something interesting to talk about.

Parveneu: a person who made his way upstairs, starting from scratch, and therefore became zero.

Pessimism: The name given to wisdom by people with weak nerves.

Wannabe: A person who has succeeded in becoming an imitation.

Polygamy: trying to get more out of life than it has.

Editor: A newspaper employee who separates the wheat from the chaff and gives the chaff to the press.

Specialist: a person who has chosen for himself some narrow area of ignorance.

Happiness: when you forget yourself in some pointless effort.

Die: Suddenly stop sinning.

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