Why do women endure the brain?
Why do women endure the brain?

The most common reason for tearing is when women take out the brains of their men. All of this will end very badly if women do not understand this.

Most couples do not break up because of cheating, bad habits, financial, intimate or domestic problems. The most common reason for ruptures is that women take out the brains of their men, thereby killing all living things in relation to themselves.

He endures, breaks down, swears, riots, and then goes into the night or also into the night or a romantic evening to his mistress, who is always a consequence, but never a cause.

All my girlfriends got divorced just because they fucked their husbands in the head. On the surface, the reasons for their divorces are not similar to one another, but if you dig deeper, you can see the general: initially, the man moved away due to the fact that he was under pressure.

When I told them, sobbing from the alleged injustice of her husband: “Slow down! Hare! Leave him alone! ", They all answered the following:" You just do not understand how insulting it is, because you live alone."

I just understand, but not what my friends tried to explain to me, but what their husbands wanted to convey to them, namely: “Stop fucking my brain, bitch! This will all end very badly. Stop, dear! Stop before something terrible happens."

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Rarely does a woman understand the meaning of the phrase "fuck the brain." I am one of the few, and not because I am so wise, delicate or shrewd. It's just that my parents set themselves the goal of raising, first of all, an independent and free person, and not a chicken convenient for society.

“You have to be obedient. Do not ask for trouble. You are a future woman,”they have been instilled in most girls since childhood. In adulthood, such girls will calmly relate to the fact that they are being pressured: they were prepared for this, they do not consider pressure on themselves unnatural.

And since they do not feel pressure on themselves, do not suffer from it, then the girls do not see, do not understand, do not feel situations when such pressure comes from them.

The internal radars of these yesterday's girls do not pick up pressure in any form: not when it is directed at them, nor when it comes from them.

My parents taught me not to give in, but to defend my interests, without violating the interests of other people. Such attitudes are more common in the upbringing of boys. This is probably why I understand men so well.

As a result of such upbringing, I cannot stand even the slightest inclinations to push me through. When someone tries to move the mental genital organ between my cerebral hemispheres, my temperature literally rises. Moreover, I can vomit.

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Women, in the overwhelming majority, do not react so sharply to attempts at pressure. And this, at first glance, is good. The bad thing is that, not responding to pressure in their direction, not realizing how unpleasant, painful, cruel it is, they press themselves.

It would seem in the little things. It would seem innocent. It would seem that this is so.

A simple real-world example. The wife is waiting for her husband from work, has prepared dinner. The husband comes, she happily sets the table: she missed, she wants to eat, but she endured, waited for him.

The husband goes to the bathroom to wash his hands and there he hangs on the jolt with the phone: he reads the Facebook feed or plays "birds". From the kitchen you can hear: “Zai! Dinner is on the table! " "Zaya" continues to sit on the clean and jerk, and he has the right to do so.

Maybe this is his only 10 minutes of solitude in the last 24 hours. Or maybe he was fed up with everything. Maybe he got into the shower, closed his eyes and washes off all the swotting of the working day from himself. Or maybe he just jerks off. And to pull your personal member without your participation, he also has the right, just imagine.

And the chicken outside the door does not appease: “Zaya! It will cool down! " He tries to fight back with the word: "I'm coming!" But the hen cannot wait: her bitch is getting cold. And she yells: “Zai! Well, it's getting cold! What are you doing over there?!"

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The persistent feathered has nothing wrong with plans. On the contrary: she tried, waited and sincerely wants her husband to eat hot food, and not cooled slops. And the husband at this time wants one thing - to kill the fool who makes his brain "cool down".

Another example: finally, Saturday. The man had breakfast, and now he wants to lie on the couch. Who can say that he has no right to do so? Of course, the wife! She, darling!

The chicken believes that you need to rest actively, or at least trudge to Auchan for groceries for a week. The woman wants the best: so that her husband does not lie around with vegetables, growing his belly, but move with health benefits. Or she wants to save the family budget by shopping for a week in cheap supermarkets, and not every day in an expensive one near the house. Who will blame her for being bad and wanting to be evil? No one. Who hates her at this moment? The husband from whom the chicken pulls veins with his active rest or "Auchan".

This woman thinks that she is doing everything for the good and "for the family." In fact, she is destroying the family with this swotting.

If you say the same thing to a person several times, hoping to squeeze out the reaction you need, it means that you are fucking your brain.

And let the husband keep silent, even if he gives in to you, do not flatter yourself: you do not know what you are doing, you fool. You yourself are digging the grave of your relationship.

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Pressure, swotting, taking out the brain - whatever you want to call it - this is always moral rape. It’s you who think that there’s nothing wrong with the fact that you called for supper three times. In fact, you committed moral violence against your husband, which kills not only his love for you, but some kind of human attitude.

When you pound him, you are not his beloved or little girl or whatever else he calls you. You become a creature for him that he wants to fuck with his feet in the stomach. And only upbringing prevents him from doing this.

Most likely, he will not fuck you off your feet, but sooner or later he will merge. You can be sure of this. He can live with you under the same roof to a ripe old age, but in his soul he will put such a high fence between himself and you, over which you will never climb. And you will be sitting under one roof - two strangers and strangers who simply have nowhere to go from each other.

If you are in a relationship with a person, accept their desires. Can't you accept? Break up. But what absolutely must not be done is to push.

Girls, it's not your fault that you were raised without being taught to feel pressure keenly. On the contrary: you were purposefully taught not to react to it. But if you don’t know how, listen to me - a person who feels pressure and, perhaps, even too acutely. It hurts so much, so humiliating, so unbearable that no love - no matter how strong it may be - will survive.

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Did you say it once? Did you say nothing? Shut up fool. Can not? Leave. Just don’t take out your brain. Please.

Why do women endure the brain?
Why do women endure the brain?

To love is, first of all, to regret, and not to forcibly make happy in an attempt to "get to the very essence."

Girls, do you often endure the brain? What are the reasons? Guys, what about you? Do you plan to endure it for a long time?

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