Big mistake of a man
Big mistake of a man

Women are much more complicated than they seem at first glance. There is one male jamb that destroys families, love, happiness. Make yourself happy, it is only in your power.

All wrong. Yes, you endure a lot, they eat your brain, get it, but you yourself behave no better. I'll tell you about your worst jamb that destroys families, love, happiness.

If women eat the brain, then men have an equally terrible sin that turns our life into hell, kills not only love for you, but also respect.

You do not see us as separate independent people. Living side by side with us, you do not know us. Everything that you see in us is your personal images and fantasies at our expense, invented in childhood. And you are trying to drive us into these stupid images - living, unsuspecting people with their inner world.

A man perceives a woman as a stool - no, not as a fool, but as an object, endowing her in his head with the qualities that he once invented. I fantasized a blonde Snow Maiden in the third grade and, becoming an adult, hangs on another blonde, who, in spirit, may not be a Snow Maiden at all, but even Carmen, ideal qualities invented for her. And having endowed with these qualities, he loves.

A girl is bored with me: how to be bright and attractive for girls
A girl is bored with me: how to be bright and attractive for girls

Just who? Is it her - a living, real person or her own fantasies?

The answer, in my opinion, is obvious: a man loves a completely different person who is next to him, but a creature invented by him.

A woman is naturally pliable. To please her beloved, she tries to adapt to him. Especially at first. The woman herself is even happy that she corresponds to the lofty ideal of her beloved. He tries to match even more, or rather, blooms from his praise and daily erection. And he, naive, does not yet realize that by doing so he castrates both himself and her.

Awareness does not come immediately. When, a few years later, her true features crawl out of a woman, the man is lost, perplexed, he feels deceived, and is furious.

“How you have changed. You weren't like that! Return everything as it was! " - he demands and is accepted first with an ax, then with a plane, a file and sandpaper to bring a real person in strict accordance with his fantasies. Breaking, hurting, burning everything inside.

Pygmalion dicks! And why? Because you perceive us not as living, equal people, but as objects of your lust, sperm receptacles, to be honest. Even when you assure yourself and us otherwise, all your goals at our expense are reduced to "blow". And to blow not even to us - to living women, but to your fantasies, which you load on our shoulders with a heavy yoke.

How to make a girl fall in love with you?
How to make a girl fall in love with you?

And don't you dare argue! No matter how beautiful and amazing your fantasies are for you, for us they are slops. Two heavy, stinking buckets that you hung on a yoke and placed on our shoulders. It is disgusting for us to watch how you enthusiastically dip your heads and members in these slops, forcing us to drag them. Such narrow-minded and limited - we do not love and respect you, we are ashamed of you. We disdain and use. And what else to do with you - the slaves of the organ from which you are peeing?

Do you want happiness, not an eternal war of the sexes?

Stop looping on yourself, guys. On my childhood fantasies. Start to see the woman next to you as a person, not an object. And then it will be easy for you and for us. We will understand each other better. Yes, you yourself will become more interesting!

After endowing a stool with your firmware, you deprive yourself of the chance to recognize the woman who is next to you. By doing this, you are depriving yourself of her universe. You invented something for yourself when you were five years old, fantasized and walk through your whole long life with one person - with your own image. You change partners, but you still live with the same - your fantasy. Are you not sick yourself?

Well, what could you think of there when you were five, eight, ten, thirteen years old? A dull rubber doll? A good nanny? A strict teacher who only loves you alone in the whole class? Is it interesting to you yourself?

Girl wants to leave
Girl wants to leave

Fools. You have deprived yourself of the joy of learning a new, different, exciting world - the world of your women.

And we are all different. No less different than you. Moreover, the same woman changes throughout her life. Living with one, you have the opportunity to get to know several women: her - at 20, her own - at 30, 40 and further years. A woman at 20 and a woman at 30 are always two different, dissimilar people. Of course, if you look at her as a person who changes, develops, takes off or, conversely, falls, and not as your fantasy, which is always a constant.

You voluntarily deprive yourself of happiness when you drive the vast, boundless world of a woman into the framework of a single image cherished in teenage emissions. Following this path, you can live with at least hundreds of women, but you will only know her - your fantasy.

Guys, we are much more complicated than what you fantasized there for yourself. If you don't hang your fantasy image of a rubber doll on us, it can be very interesting with us. Trust mi! Make yourself happy, it is only in your power.

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