Live together
Live together

While the boys were looking for themselves, the girls were looking for their panties under the beds of the first lovers. Why do men and women start living together?

As a rule, a woman is interested in living together in a M + F couple. While "F" by hook or by crook tries to throw his panties into the basket with dirty laundry, where the socks "M" languish, the sock wearer defends this basket in every possible way. And he himself is in no hurry to drag his suffocating charm to the territory of "F".

It took me a long time to understand why this was happening. Logically, a man benefits more from one basket for two. Having found a woman, he receives regular satisfaction of two basic needs: sex and food.

The woman, on the other hand, gets stinking socks in her cute basket for lace thongs and other things that breathe perfume and fog, as well as poking at herself with a blunt penis not when she wants, but when he pleases. Little pleasant, you must agree.

And this, in addition to the fact that now, instead of lying on the sofa with a mask on her face, gnawing an apple and reading a book, she is now standing and shredding cabbage for a stinking borscht, which "obzhykakoymushchina" will devour, at best, without garlic.

I can't imagine how a woman needs to love a man in order to subscribe to a joint household with him. What partings and divorces in this case can we talk about? To take on everyday life, you need to love in the literal sense of the word "to the grave." However, we all understand that chickens do not like their roommates. Not because chickens are bad, but because they don’t know how to love in principle, just as cats or dogs cannot do it, no matter what we think about them, no matter what human traits we endow.

I earn less than my wife or girlfriend
I earn less than my wife or girlfriend

What makes women get into living?

Three things:

1) material benefit, 2) stereotypes, 3) maternal instinct.

Moreover, the latter has a much smaller number of chickens than is commonly believed. Most birds cover the first two points with them.

If a chicken were financially confident in today and tomorrow and could discard the stereotypes of "overmarrying" and "overloading", it would not lie in your bed, every day, and would not stand by the stove.

Based on the foregoing, men should be happy that the birds lie in their beds and stand in the kitchens. But it was not there. This means that all the great advantages that a man gets from cohabitation with a woman are overridden by some serious disadvantages.

The question is: what.

There are two main disadvantages.

First: the cross is not a dream. A man who has fallen into coexistence with a woman falls under constant control, and his dream - to blow Angelina Jolie - becomes unrealizable.

Before the panties "M" and "F" joined in one laundry basket, the man, for some unknown reason, still hoped to blow Jolie. When a man agrees to live together, he accepts the harsh truth of life, in which there is no place for Jolie, Ferrari, space flight, or an Olympic medal. But there is a place for a hen, a "maze", a mortgage and the position of a deputy chief in the future. May be. Perhaps. Is not a fact. Giving the chicken the key or taking it from her, the man subscribes to the tit in his hands, realizing that he cannot see the crane in the sky.

Top 5 Reasons For The Breakdown Of A Relationship In The First 3 Years
Top 5 Reasons For The Breakdown Of A Relationship In The First 3 Years

The second minus from living together with a woman is even more weight than the first. A man can be aware that Jolie does not shine for him, while refusing to move in with a woman. Why?

The reason is not even the notorious dislike, but in the protection of your personal space. What is personal space, the chicken does not understand and does not need it.

Personal space is vital for those who have at least some kind of inner peace. The chicken also does not understand what the inner world is.

The inner world at birth does not protrude and does not grow out of nothing. To have it, you need to develop: read good books, get carried away with something. While the boys in high school and at the university studied, became addicted to chess, judo, computers and much more, the girls were introduced to tavern life and kissing on the principle of "the higher the love, the lower the kisses." In general, while the boys were looking for themselves, the girls were looking for their panties under the beds of the first lovers.

The growth of the majority of girls ended with the growth of the mammary glands. Perhaps, if my breasts grew at the age of 14, I would also change the library to a disco. Confident young boobs with a fragile brain give such a feeling of superiority over the world to their owner that there is no need for any kind of work on themselves.

True, as the mammary glands wither - and they begin to fade immediately after 20 years - and cellulite blooms on the buttocks, a woman begins to gravitate towards attaching these very buttocks to a warm place. The clock is ticking, and the wind and the stereotype that soon nobody will need it is walking along the cranium of the chicken. It is then that the feathered one begins to break into the life of a man, who by that time had built some kind of inner world.

How do you know when the relationship is over?
How do you know when the relationship is over?

A person who has hobbies always has something to do. He is never bored, unlike a person who has no hobbies.

When an individual who has no hobbies frees up time, he does not know what to do with himself, and tries to entertain himself at the expense of others. Hence - all the chicken screams: “you don’t care at me”, “you don’t love me”, “I don’t have enough romance”, “let's have an active rest”, “we need to spend more time together”.

I am a woman, but I hate it when my personal space is invaded. If I am reading a book or writing something, do not dare to approach me even with an innocent, at first glance, question. It seems to you that the question is innocent, that it costs me nothing to answer it, and then return to my occupation. By your mere appearance in my personal space, you can pull me out of my inner world, to return to which is not so easy. Thinking over the plot, I cannot answer the question, where are the keys or how we have a rest in June, and then, as if nothing had happened, plunge into the plot.

The chicken does not understand this. She has a fragmented perception of reality: she can talk on the phone, look at clothes on the site at the same time and watch TV. The chicken manages to do several things at the same time and easily switch from one to the other, but what she cannot do is respect personal space.

What to do if you want a serious relationship
What to do if you want a serious relationship

And personal space for a person is everything.

How did you decide to live together?

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