How to get away from a direct answer
How to get away from a direct answer

People love to ask uncomfortable and unpleasant questions. But why act according to their plan? Avoid difficult questions with simple methods. How to get away from a direct answer?

1. You can ask a counter similar question or a question from a completely different area. Let them consider you ill-mannered - peace of mind is more expensive. Celebrities and politicians do just that with reporters' intrusive questions.

2. If the question is not posed correctly enough, it can be left unanswered. Pretend not to hear or understand what is being said. Parry the question with a joke, humor is always appropriate.

3. If nature has endowed you with the gift of eloquence, pour water. The more words that do not commit you to anything, the better. Answer a direct question in a way that confuses the other person. "Mirror" the question, mentally putting the interlocutor in place.

4. For one question, ask a lot of clarifying questions. Do this with a sincere facial expression to convince the person of interest. This will discourage the opponent.

5. Find out why the other person is asking this question. What is his goal? Goals are noble and low. Thus, you completely switch your attention to your opponent.

6. If you do not want to answer a direct question or do not know the answer, flatter the interlocutor by praising him for his resourcefulness and intelligence. In the meantime, quietly turn the conversation into another direction.

Accidents are not accidental. The regularity of life and success
Accidents are not accidental. The regularity of life and success

7. Offer to discuss the formulation of this question, reformulating it and smoothly transferring the conversation from interrogation to dispute.

8. Ignore the uncomfortable question or answer: “I don’t know, I didn’t think about it”. Boldly declare to the interlocutor that you are not interested in this and "Let's talk about you instead."

9. Roughly cut off the interlocutor, letting him know that he is overstepping the permissible boundaries of decency. As a last resort, you can raise the tone and go to the conflict - the end justifies the means.

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