Angel of the Self
Angel of the Self

Who are you, what is your purpose in life, where are you going, what are you living for? Perhaps now is the time for self-understanding and self-determination. Think …

Angel of the Higher Self - it's time to pay attention to yourself. The reasons for everything that happens to you are hidden in yourself. When you change, external situations and conditions in your life change. Do not blame fate, people or the world around you if something is not working out for you. The outside world only reflects yourself. Everything that you bring into this life, you get back.

Think about who you are, what is your purpose in life, where you are going, what you live for. Perhaps now is the time for self-understanding and self-determination. Be alone with yourself, try to understand yourself. Stop blaming others and ask yourself what traits and qualities of your personality have led to the current situation. Think about what needs to be changed in yourself and what needs to be done so that life turns to you with its bright side.

Perhaps you haven't taken the time to yourself for a long time. Set aside at least one day a week entirely for yourself. Tidy up your inner home. Complete your long-standing plans. Take care of your needs and pamper yourself. Fulfill your long-standing desires.

When you take care of yourself, you feel happy. Your personality is filled with harmony and gains strength to live on and take care of others. Tell yourself:

Got to get out of your comfort zone
Got to get out of your comfort zone

"I am the same equal being as everyone in this world, and equally need attention and care for myself."

You may still carry feelings of guilt or inferiority in you that destroy your personality. Forgive yourself for everything in the past and let it go. You realized long ago and paid for what happened before, and the ghosts of the past should not destroy your present. Make peace with everyone and with yourself, make up for the damage that you have caused, and live on in joy and prosperity.

Praise yourself more often, encourage yourself, celebrate your positive successes. Be considerate of yourself. Don't let anyone or anything destroy your personality. You have every right to a happy, fulfilling, healthy life. Be happy and live in harmony with yourself!

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