Gabriel García Márquez's Rules of Life
Gabriel García Márquez's Rules of Life

Everyone knows some quotes from this famous writer. The most interesting and memorable words of Gabriel García Márquez.

Gabriel García Márquez became widely known not only in Latin America, but also far beyond its borders. The founder of "magical realism" is remembered, first of all, from the novel "One Hundred Years of Solitude", although the author has about six novels and several dozen novellas and short stories. Maybe not everyone is familiar with them, but some quotes ("Don't cry, because it's over. Smile, because it was," does not deserve your tears, and those who deserve will not make you cry”), perhaps, everyone has heard.

Of course, there were more of them. Here are the most interesting and memorable ones.

About myself

I don’t wear a hat so as not to take it off to anyone.

"It is impossible in the end not to become what others think you are."

When I feel that I really feel bad, I will not count on anyone. I'll throw myself in the trash.

I try to prevent unpleasant surprises. I prefer stairs to escalators. Anything - airplanes.

To those who ask me, I always answer the truth: corrupt women have left me no time to get married.

How to become a happy person?
How to become a happy person?

About happiness

There is no medicine that can cure what can cure happiness.

Smile, do not give trouble to pleasure.

I learned that everyone wants to live on the top of the mountain, not knowing that true happiness awaits him on the descent.

Happiness easily obtained cannot last long.

About love

The invincible force that moves the world is not happy love at all, but unhappy love.

The weak will never enter the kingdom of love, the laws in this kingdom are harsh, women give themselves only to brave and decisive men, they promise them reliability, and this is what women need in life.

The main thing in the life of society is to be able to cope with fear, the main thing in the life of a spouse is to be able to cope with boredom

The worst thing about poverty is that it forces people to lie.

If you love something, let it go. If it's yours, it'll come back.

Just because someone doesn’t love you the way you want, doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love you with all his heart.

No human deserves your tears, and those who deserve will not make you cry.

Perhaps in this world you are just a person, but for someone you are the whole world.

Don't waste time with someone who doesn't want to spend it with you.

If you meet your true love, then it will not go anywhere from you - not in a week, not in a month, not in a year.

Jealousy is that Swedish matches only light up from their own box.

The worst way to miss someone is to be with them and understand that they will never be yours.

Where there is poverty, there is love …

What is growing up
What is growing up

About life and death

A person dies not when he should, but when he can.

You need to listen to the voice of the child that you were once and that exists somewhere else inside you. If we listen to the child within us, our eyes will regain their sparkle. If we do not lose our connection with this child, our connection with life will not be severed.

Every thing is alive. You just need to be able to awaken her soul.

A prosperous old age is the ability to come to terms with your loneliness.

And then I realized that to die means never to be with friends again.

A wonderful property is the ability to think about past joys without bitterness and remorse.

Why waste so many words to explain how a person feels in war when one word is enough: fear.

About creativity

Literature is the greatest fun invented to mock people.

Inspiration comes only during work.

Thoughts do not have a parent, they fly over us like angels.

About god

The main thing is not that you do not believe, but that God continues to believe in you.

Atheists cannot achieve their goal without clerics.

The devil likes to confuse our minds rather than drive us into sin.

I do not believe in God, but I am afraid of him.

About madness

No madman is mad if one listens to his arguments.

Silent madmen bring the future closer.

How to spend your weekend? 101 weekend ideas
How to spend your weekend? 101 weekend ideas

About time and waiting

Better to come at the wrong time than wait for invitations.

Those who wait a long time can wait a little longer.

It's never too late.

You can do without surgery, and you can not do without time.

About friendship

A minute of reconciliation is worth more than a bosom friendship.

The best friend is the one who is not in the world.

A true friend is someone who will hold your hand and feel your heart.

Rules of life

Trust someone who knows how to be compassionate.

Never give an order if you are not sure that it will be carried out!

You cannot eat a dream, but it will satisfy.

Don't put in so much effort, all the best things happen unexpectedly.

Become a better person and understand who you are before you meet a new person and hope that he understands you.

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