7 things you can do on Friday
7 things you can do on Friday

Instead of agonizing over the weekend, you can set the stage for a great start to next week.

Most of us are happy about Friday, especially if the week has been active and eventful. However, Friday often seems like a meaningless day. Your brain, in anticipation of the rest, says bluntly, "I've had enough!" And the working day does not end and does not end …

“Instead of agonizingly waiting and dreaming out the window, you have the opportunity to set the stage for a great start to next week,” writes Kevin Daum, Inc.com Columnist and Executive Producer for Amilya! on 77WABC New York radio, author of two best-selling marketing books. Here's what he suggests.

1. Make promising contacts - then you will have something to anticipate. Write to prospective clients or people you can learn from. Make an appointment with someone to dine. Many are in no hurry to answer, but by writing on Friday, on Monday you can count on at least some of the answers.

2. Plan your entire week. Set reminder alarms on your computer or smartphone. Include all meetings, deadlines, and to-do lists in your plan. Make a specific list of tasks and schedule by the hour. You will free yourself from the tedious feeling that you have forgotten something, so you can calmly relax on the weekend and feel much happier on Monday.

Don't know how to change your life for the better? Concentrate not on the pros, but on the cons
Don't know how to change your life for the better? Concentrate not on the pros, but on the cons
one less worry on Monday.

4. Create new, positive habits for yourself. Think about what is holding you back from living and working, and make a list of what to do instead. It would be nice if this list immediately caught your eye on Monday.

5. Work for your future. Are you satisfied with your career and life? Are you moving towards your dream? Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Write down your thoughts on this. Perhaps by Monday you’ll figure out how to reorganize your work - or you’ll realize that it’s time to look for a better place.

6. Leave yourself a surprise. Hide a chocolate bar, scented candle or other pleasant trifle in a drawer to accidentally find it in the gray days.

7. Try to brighten up Monday for colleagues. The other day, someone probably helped you fruitfully, worked hard, or radiated kindness. Prepare him / her a token of your appreciation (letter, bouquet of flowers, gift certificate) and hand it over on Monday morning. All weekend you will look forward to the holiday that awaits your colleague.

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