List of laws of success
List of laws of success

How do you succeed? Planning and order are the success of any business! List of laws of success from one of the best psychologists Randy Gage. Be successful!

1. The law of emptiness. If you need new shoes, throw out the old ones. If you need new clothes, clean your closet. You must willingly part with your stereotypes.

2. The law of circulation. Be willing to let go of something you own in order to get something that you desire.

3. The law of imagination. You must first see prosperity in your imagination. Write a description of your ideal day and don't share it with anyone other than someone you trust. Keep this description somewhere close at hand and re-read it in your spare time.

4. The law of creativity. A person can achieve prosperity through the energy of his thinking, intuition and imagination.

5. The Law of Retribution and Receipt. If you give something, then it is returned tenfold. When you receive benefits, it is very important to share them with others. If you have a gift and you do not use it, then you are insulting your Divine essence. To be respectful of your abilities, you must rejoice in gifts and share them with others. If you do this, you are attracting more benefits into your life.

6. The law of tithing. The universe will always take its tithe. It's just the law of gratitude for the source of support - 10% of everything you have. You never know how your tithe will return to you. Money is common. But it can also come in the form of reconciliation with someone, new friendships, recovery, etc.

Chaos in life
Chaos in life
If you cannot forgive people, you cannot accept your wealth. If your soul is filled with hate, love cannot find a place in it. You must get rid of the negative feelings that consume you and haunt you.

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