The wisdom of Jorge Bucay
The wisdom of Jorge Bucay

Jorge Bucaya's advice helps you live, inspires optimism, teaches you to love and makes people happier. Wisdom and Optimism from Argentine Writer Jorge Bucay.

“I sold socks on the street, I was a clown, an insurance agent, a storekeeper and a taxi driver. But in the end, a boy from an average family became a doctor, psychotherapist, teacher, lecturer, presenter of the author's program on radio and television, and the author of books. " Jorge Bucay

Jorge Bucay is a renowned Argentinean psychotherapist and author of books on psychology. Today, Dr. Bucay lives in Spain, but is no longer involved in medical activities. She writes books that are translated into 18 languages of the world. They are full of fairy tales, parables and humor.

The wisdom of Jorge Bucay
The wisdom of Jorge Bucay

Best quotes by Jorge Bucay

We are vulnerable, but not weak. Many people don't understand the difference.

Independent, free people decide for themselves what is good and what is bad, but not haphazardly, but evaluating actions and their consequences according to their own scale of values.

As my friend says: “We can live life as if we are the drivers of a subway train, knowing exactly where we are going and what our path is. Or as a surfer: following the wave. " I suggest following the wave. We'll have some good fun.

Nothing good comes for free.

A seeker is one who is looking for something; not necessarily the finder. It is also not someone who necessarily knows what exactly he is looking for. This is just the one for whom his own life is a search.

Doesn't your dream come true?
Doesn't your dream come true?

Happiness is the confidence that you are on the right track.

The fastest does not always come first, the strongest does not always win the battle … because chance and luck come to all people.

When you love, you are worried about the happiness of another. No more and no less. The happiness that fills the body and soul only grows stronger when we accept a loved one, not wanting to change him.

If money were the basis of my existence, my whole life would revolve around money. It's the same with power, sex, and fame. The only way to avoid this addiction is to become the center of your own life, your own universe.

The moment we stop struggling with ourselves and accept things as they are, we grow incredibly.

It's amazing how persistently people continue to seek these ideal relationships.

The wisdom of Jorge Bucay
The wisdom of Jorge Bucay

How to live and be happy?

How to be happy and confident according to Jorge Bucay? Jorge Bucay in the book "I, she, he … and again I" told some secrets.

1. I allow myself to be now and always who I am, instead of waiting for instructions from another where or how I should be.

2. I give myself the right to feel what I feel, and not what others would feel in my place.

3. I give myself the privilege of thinking what I think, as well as the right to express it if I want to, or to keep silent, if it is so beneficial to me.

Never do this if you want to be happy, rich and successful
Never do this if you want to be happy, rich and successful

4. I allow myself to be exposed to those risks to which I want to be exposed, provided that I agree to pay the price of these risks.

5. I will give myself the authority to seek in this world what I consider necessary, instead of waiting for someone to allow me to take it.

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